Arundel Music Award Hall of Fame

Fred Waring Choral Award, for Esprit de Corps in Choir:
   Nicole Hait, 2014
   Erin Fitzgerald, 2015
   Emerald Thompson, 2016

National School Choral Awards, for outstanding Achievement in Choir:
   Carianne Powers and John Tevis,  2014
   Emily Durell, and Matt Neary,  2015
   Sydneigh Forrest and Josiah Thompson, 2016

Outstanding Piano Accompanist Awards:
   Joshua Sharo and Jocelyn Yao, 2014
   Kaitlyn Sharo, 2016

Louis Armstrong Award for outstanding Jazz Performance:
   Chris Elvidge, 2014
   Darius Burton, 2015
   Riccardo Jefferson, 2016

John Phillip Sousa Band Award:
   Julanda Clark and Alex Proctor, 2014
   Charles Galarza, and Madeline Kirk, 2015
   Madeline Beaudry and Brian Musliner, 2016

National School Orchestra Award:
   Kathryn Beutler, 2014
   Amber Young, 2015
   Emily Beutler, 2016

Senior Awards Presentation, May 16, 2014:
Joseph Hardy and Jennifer Hewitt