Arundel Music Award Hall of Fame

Fred Waring Choral Award, for Esprit de Corps in Choir:
   Nicole Hait, 2014
   Erin Fitzgerald, 2015
   Emerald Thompson, 2016
   Kostas Nakas, 2017

National School Choral Awards, for outstanding Achievement in Choir:
   Carianne Powers and John Tevis,  2014
   Emily Durell, and Matt Neary,  2015
   Sydneigh Forrest and Josiah Thompson, 2016
   Su Young Kim and Neel Sanghvi, 2017

Outstanding Piano Accompanist Awards:
   Joshua Sharo and Jocelyn Yao, 2014
   Kaitlyn Sharo, 2016
   Kaitlyn Sharo, 2017

Louis Armstrong Award for outstanding Jazz Performance:
   Chris Elvidge, 2014
   Darius Burton, 2015
   Riccardo Jefferson, 2016
   Kennan Spencer, 2017

John Phillip Sousa Band Award:
   Julanda Clark and Alex Proctor, 2014
   Charles Galarza, and Madeline Kirk, 2015
   Madeline Beaudry and Brian Musliner, 2016
   Susannah Greenslit and Tyler DeGutis, 2017

National School Orchestra Award:
   Kathryn Beutler, 2014
   Amber Young, 2015
   Emily Beutler, 2016
   Gabrielle Palfi, 2017

Senior Awards Presentation, May 16, 2014:
Joseph Hardy and Jennifer Hewitt

Semper Fidelis Excellence in Music 
Robert Smith, 2017

Dr. Philip Butts Scholarship for students majoring in music in college
Kennan Spencer and Susanah Greenslit, 2017

AIMA Musical Leadership Scholarship (One each Choir/Band/Orchestra) 
Su Kim, Genevieve Ryder and Gabrielle Palfi 2017