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Guitar Magic

Watch this when you think your piano class duet is too hard!






Happy Birthday in the style of Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Mozart.... Enjoy!


Who says classical music or opera is stuffy?


Star Spangled Mangler: How many keys? Pianist demonstrates key modulation of singer at a political rally



Failure is all part of the process of succeeding:






Music Ensembles teach important life and job skills. Stay in your ensemble while you're in high school:



Enjoy -- this beat boxer has serious skills.




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The National Anthem like you've never heard before!


An entire nation sings and dances.

Africa by Los Angeles's "Angel City Chorale." Please note that they are a community based choir (secular) just happening to perform their concert in a church. They are not a church choir. Enjoy! Chamber Choir sang this one last year.



What is your special gift?



ThePianoGuys -- mash up Adele's Hello with the Mozart Lacrimosa from the Requiem Mass


Orchestra musicians bring whales to the surface
































This is a very important video message to everyone



Piano Guys: Cello Light Saber Duel



Star Wars for Solo Guitar (Chord Melody) (submitted by Laura B.)



Uptown Funk played in the style of top guitarists





Daft Punk's Get Lucky played in the style of 10 top guitarists

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy as you've never seen before.



Women & the Guitar -- a little piece of history





Adele sing "Hello" with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots in the "Classroom Instrument Series"


 Amazing mash up of old movie scenes set to Uptown Funk.  


Three Stooges Alphabet Song, submitted by Josiah Thompson



Math and Music -- How Pi sounds as a musical composition. Submitted by Annie Wang.



The Master of Tides, submitted by Danny Capasso


The Best Short Motivational Speech EVER. Submitted by Joan Sanchez


Proving that you can make music with just about anything..... submitted by Matt Doucette


Celebrities, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots sing "We are the Champions" by Queen. Submitted by Austin Archable


Bird on a Wire: Composer used birds sitting on wires to create this piece of music. (Submitted by Annie Wang)




When you feel down sing this song! -- Piano Karaoke: Shows you what chords to play, and has the lyrics so you can sing along. Song is "Don't be so Hard On Yourself" submitted by Cyle Randall

One Handed Pianist -- when you think you'll never get your left hand to play like you want it to, watch this video. (song at the beginning is "The Man I Love" written by George Gershwin)  Submitted by Cyle Randall

Now, how cool is this????


Awesome Cool Video: I Won't Let you Down with marching techniques.


Pentatonix: The Evolution of Michael Jackson


Collabro -- Boy Band, singing Javert's song from Les Mis.


Music in the Forest!

Amazing Men's Chorus!!!!


지금까지 당신이 갖고 있던 합창에 대한 선입견을 버려라!이 영상이 합창에 대한 당신의 생각을재정립해줄 것이다!2009 국제 바버샵 합창 경연대회 영상!

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Stillwater High School Chorus takes over the hotel pool....


Stairway to Heaven a la two harps!

This bird can sing anything!


Victor Borge. For more Borge videos see You Tube.