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This 7 minute video explains how to figure out the key signature. 
Understanding Key Signatures

Music Theory Made Easy
Learn to Read Sheet Music videos

If you go on You Tube -- most of your Bastien Piano 1 for the Older Beginner material is on there.  
Here's a page to get you started!!!  
Piano Classes -- Bastien Piano 1 videos on You Tube

1/8" to 1/4" adaptor so you can plug in your ear buds to the 
Adaptor for the Piano Keyboard

Keyboards can be purchased at Chuck Levin's Washington Music in 
Wheaton, MD   You can try out as many as you like before buying.
Interested in Purchasing a Keyboard for Home?

Various Piano  Keyboards, Labeled with note names

Lessons and exercises in basic music reading.  
Music Theory.net

Song association for memorizing the sounds of intervals. 
Interval Recognition Training -- submitted by Angel

When the window pops up with the check boxes, uncheck minors, 
proceed.  As you progress through the exercises you can check 
more boxes 
as you master the exercises.  
Dictation Practice

Another Dictation Practice site

Honors Music Theory -- The Basics of Choir Notation

Short Intro to Timbre
HMT:  Timbre Video #1  

Visual and Aural Representation of Timbre

HMT -- Make Vocab, Written Notes/Outline on this presentation. 
Timbre -- in depth presentation

Sine waves, etc.  
Timbre -- Science and Math

Describes and links to various internet sites where you can 
download free piano music
Finding Piano Sheet Music on the Internet