Fun & Useful Links

Benefits of Choral Singing

Vocal Anatomy lesson built around the Starz series Outlander.  Lots of good information.  Submitted by 
alumnus, Ashley Nekula
All about your Voice -- your Larynx to be exact

Pod cast from USC School of Engineering.  If you're interested in 
Engineering and how sound functions in 
a closed space you might find this interesting.  All the music for these 
podcasts are composed and 
recorded by my son, Wil Brumbach.  
Acoustic Museums -- Engineering and Sound. 

One Page description of Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical 
and Romantic Era music.  Recommended reading for the choirs for the 
listening analysis. 
Brief Musical History Outline

Lions Voice Clinic:
Anatomy 101: Parts of the Voice
Physiology 101: How it Works
Anatomy 201: Cartilages and Muscles of the Larynx
Anatomy 202: Structure of the Vocal Fold
Anatomy 301: The Role of the Nervous System
Physiology 201: Vocal Fold Vibration and Pitch
Physiology 202: Vocal Fold Vibration and Loudness
Acoustics 101: Sound Waves and How they Move
About the Voice

Man makes a Saxophone out of a carrot.  
Did You Know you could Make a Saxophone out of a carrot? 

Hugh Jackman on Kelly and Michael;  Explains that he still takes 
voice lessons 
and what his basic warm ups are. 
Hugh  Jackman explains his vocal warm up routine

Quiz Yourself on Music Terminology

Music --  practice all your music theory skills!
Music Theory Lessons

Click on each horse to hear him sing!
The Singing Horses

Video by Jack Stamp on Why Music Matters.
Why Music Matters

Circle of Fifths -- to learn your key signatures

Music Racer.  Have a blast!
Music Games

Great Music Cartoons, Memes, Posters, Inspiration!  Enjoy!  
Awesome Facebook Page -- Pro-Music

Check out Solala -- plus they have a treasure trove of videos on 
tube as well.  
Solala:  "The Swedish Fishermen" -- Kiss from a Rose

From Minnesota Public Radio.  A great and funny article on being 
Bass in the choir!  
Basses!!  Heads up!!!   An article just for you.  

Why "tough" teachers make a difference. 
So you think your teacher is tough?

This blogger describes various careers associated with music.   
What Can you Do with a Music Degree?  

A funny look at what Mozart's Facebook page might look like!
What if Mozart had a Facebook Page???

This article outlines the important role that music education 
plays in 
Focus on STEM Overshadows Importance of Music Education

Songs from Anne Boleyn's personal songbook performed for the first time in 
500 years.
Wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn's Personal Songbook

Tenors --  this is a great tone color to imitate!
Opera Tenor James Valenti

Submitted by Emily Durell -- video on the Physics of Sound.  Very 
The Physics of Sound

Online quiz to determine your personality type and what careers would fit.  
What's your Personality type?  Finding the right career for you.

How to care for the singing voice.  
Vocal Hygiene, from the Kings' Singers

How vocal over-use &  incorrect singing cause vocal abuse.   "Singing from 
Diaphram" means nothing -- you must support with your abdominal muscles 
the diaphram.  (Sing from the "belly.")   
Why Artists like Sam Smith and Adele are sidelined with vocal issues

From "Marc and Angel Hack Life" --  When you think everything is going 
wrong, read this.  
30 Quick Stories that will make you think differently

Marc and Angel are Life Coaches that publish self-help materials.  This is 
one of their gems. 
25 Quotes that will Quiet the Negative Voice in your Head

submitted by Aziah Deal, Piano 1A (Fall 2015) 
Nicki Minaj - Starships | Piano Cover by Pianistmiri

Helpful Music Theory Resources

Things you learn as you let go of the uncontrollable

Marc and Angel Hack Life site.  
Open Letter to those who think they aren't "good enough"

Lost Your Motivation?  Need a push?  

Take a look from a different angle.  
Having a tough time?