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Honors Biology Calendar

November 5- Cell organelle Instagram page
November 6- Cell organelle chart
November 7- Introduction to 3D cell analogy poster
November 10- Work on 3D cell analogy poster
November 11- Work on 3D cell analogy poster
November 12- Gallery walk and organelle poems
November 13- Cell campaign project
November 14- Cell campaign project
November 17- Cell campaign presentations
November 18- No School
November 19- Cells review
November 20- Watershed lesson
November 21- Cell quiz
November 24- Diffusion lab demo (Period 3)
November 25- Diffusion lab demo (Period 2)
December 1- Osmosis BCR and osmosis egg demo
December 2- Onion osmosis lab
December 3- Cell transport chart and worksheet
December 4- Cell transport jeopardy
December 5- Cell transport quiz and osmosis letter
December 8- Why do leaves change color in the fall?
December 9- Hour of code/study hall
December 10- Chromatography lab
December 11- Photosynthesis project
December 12- Photosynthesis project
December 15- Waterweed online simulation
December 16- Photosynthesis study guide
December 17- Cellular respiration study guide
December 18- Exercise lab
December 19- Interdependence of plants and animals

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