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Honors Biology Calendar

January 28- Chromosomes worksheet
January 29- Cell cycle project
January 30- Cell cycle project
February 2- Cell cycle project presentations
February 3- Cell cycle in onion cells lab
February 4- Asexual reproduction review
February 5- Asexual reproduction jeopardy
February 9- Asexual reproduction quiz and cancer article
February 10- Meiosis
February 11- Introduction to Meiosis Project
February 12- Meiosis Project
February 13- Meiosis Project
February 18- Meiosis Project
February 19- Meiosis Project
February 20- Study hall
February 23- Nondisjunction
February 24- Review sheets
February 25- Jeopardy
February 26- Snow day
February 27- Meiosis and nondisjunction quiz
March 3- Advocacy lesson
March 4- Nucleic acid and protein synthesis
March 9- Protein synthesis sentence activity
March 10- Protein synthesis lab
March 11- Protein synthesis cut and paste activity
March 12- Protein synthesis dinosaur activity
March 13- Review sheets
March 16- Protein synthesis quiz and human genetic traits activity
March 17- Modeling inheritance
March 18- Punnett square think-group-share
March 19- Punnett square worksheet
March 20- Dihybrid crosses
March 23- Baby lab
March 24- Genetics quiz and finish baby lab
March 25- Sex-linked traits 
March 26- Study hall
March 27- Senior takeover day
April 7- Introduction to Pedigrees
April 8- Pedigree analysis
April 9- Draw a pedigree activity
April 10- Sex-linked and pedigree quiz/Jurassic Park article
April 13- Genetic Engineering
April 14- Amino acids lab
April 15- Finish amino acid lab and watch natural selection video and complete
the WSQ (Textbook reference 16.3- Darwin presents his case)
April 16- Best beak lab
April 17- Evodots
April 20- Evolution quiz and MRSA article
April 21- Introduction to kingdom project

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