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Honors Biology Homework

January 21- Chromosomes video and WSQ
January 28- Cell cycle video and WSQ (Textbook reference 10.2-The Process of
Cell Division)
January 29- Cell cycle project due at the end of class tomorrow
February 2- Cell cycle in onion cells video and WSQ
February 3- Asexual reproduction video and WSQ
February 5- Study for quiz
February 9- Meiosis video and WSQ (Textbook reference 11.4- Meiosis)
February 20- Nondisjunction video and WSQ (Textbook reference 14.2- Human
Genetic disorders)
February 24- Meiosis and nondisjunction crossword
February 25- Study for quiz
March 3- Nucleic acid and protein synthesis WSQ (Textbook reference 13.1-RNA) 
March 4- Protein synthesis WSQ (Textbook reference 13.2-Ribosomes and protein
synthesis and 13.3- Mutations) 
March 11- Finish protein synthesis cut and paste activity
March 12- Finish dinosaur activity
March 13- Finish crossword and study for quiz
March 16- Introduction to genetics video and WSQ (Textbook reference 11.1 and
March 17- Punnett squares video and WSQ (Textbook reference 11.2- Applying
Mendel's Principles)
March 18- Bring in headphones if you have them
March 19- Finish the dihybrid cross video and WSQ (Textbook reference 11.2-
Applying Mendel's Principles)
March 20- Honors Biology test cross and other types of inheritance video and
WSQ (Textbook reference 11.3- Other patterns of inheritance)
March 23- Study for quiz
March 24- Finish baby lab and Sex-linked traits video and WSQ (Textbook
reference 14.1- Human chromosomes)
March 25- Tomorrow is study hall and introduction to pedigrees video and WSQ
(Textbook reference 14.1- Human chromosomes)- due after Spring break
April 7- Pedigrees video and WSQ (Textbook reference 14.1- Human chromosomes)-
Make sure you copy everything on the screen
April 9- Study for quiz
April 10- Genetic engineering video and WSQ (Textbook reference Ch 15- Genetic
April 13- Evidence of evolution video and WSQ (Textbook reference 16.4-
Evidence of evolution)
April 14- Bring in headphones (if you have them)
April 16- Finish the lab
April 17- Finish the lab and study for quiz

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