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Period 6 Honors Biology Homework

April 2- Study for Q3 exam
April 3- Evidence of evolution video and WSQ (Textbook reference: 16.4- 
Evidence of evolution)
April 7- Natural selection video and WSQ (Textbook reference: 16.3- Darwin
presents his case)
April 8- Finish lab
April 9- Finish lab and study for the quiz
April 10-(This is due after break)Classification video and WSQ (Textbook
reference 18.1-Finding order in diversity)
April 29- Study for quiz
April 30- Classification video and WSQ (Textbook reference 3.1- What is
May 5- Bring in headphones if you have them
May 6- Complete BYOD student survey (see link below)
May 7- Study for quiz and bring in headphones if you have them
May 12- Energy flow through an ecosystem video and WSQ (Textbook reference:
3.2- Energy, producers, consumers and 3.3- Energy flow in ecosystem)
May 13- Succession video and WSQ (Textbook reference 4.3- Succession)
May 30- Proper shoes
June 4- Study for quiz
June 5- Bring in Q3 and Q4 materials (including Q3 study guide)
June 6- Bring in Q3 and Q4 notebooks (including Q3 study guide)
June 9- Bring in Q3 and Q4 notebooks (including Q3 study guide)
June 10- Study guides are due tomorrow
June 13- Bring in textbook
June 17- Study for final

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