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Studyspanish.com Tutorial

NAME: Robert E. Graham

SCHOOL: Glenelg High School

CLASS: Spanish 2 and 3

SCHOOL PHONE: 410 313 5528, e-mail: gladspanish@hotmail.com

Studyspanish.com Registration Info and How to Submit Results to your Teacher

                             To Register

Go to StudySpanish.com website

click on Membership Options at top of page

Choose Free Membership under choices; Follow prompts to Become a Member.

Receive an email from Studyspanish.com and Follow Instructions in message.

Confirming:  Follow instructions to Confirm your membership in email message.

Complete the confirmation form and include Robert Graham's TeacherID # 
4S7KRM4B in the blank on the form where requested.

Click on Activate Your Free Account.  You should now be a member.

                            To submit your work

To work on Free Tutorials; go to SSp.com and click on Grammar at the top of 
the Home Page.

Select tutorials either by title or by number.

Select the Free Quizzes/Tests for the tutorial;Read the info/complete the 
one free quiz and one free test for each tutorial; After each exercise, 
check your results, then click on Submit.  Then click on Record Score.  Then 
following the prompts, click on Check Report Card to be sure that you have 
completed the assignment.  

Remember, 90% correct is what it takes to obtain credit for homework on this 
site.  Do not Submit until you have corrected all your mistakes.

Do not print the page, results will be sent to your teacher IF you have 
Registered correctly and IF you submit your work properly according to these 
instructions.  Don't skip any steps otherwise your work may not be reported 
to your teacher and you will not receive credit for your HW.

Remember, your free quiz/free test must be 90% correct to recieve credit.

Do not print page, if your have followed directions, your work will be sent 
to your teacher automatically.  Make sure you follow directions.

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