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Please see the message below from Mr. Ammann.

Hi former students!!!!  My current 8th graders are working on their wax museum research (remember that?) and are hard at work.  I wanted to share with them an outstanding speech from last year and, silly me, I did not save a single student copy of an exemplary speech.  I have visual aides that I saved and many other documents, but no speeches.  Would any of you by chance have on your computer a saved copy of your freedom wax museum speech that you would be willing to share with me?  We did this work last December and January. Or, if you had Mrs. Cosgrove and are willing to share it with me, I would happily accept those speeches as well.  I will certainly remove your name from it and with your permission, use it to inspire a new group of students.  I can’t believe I do not have any saved copies, but, here’s hoping you can help.  Thanks for your time and I hope that high school is treating you all well.  Please feel free to share this message with anyone else that might have their speech from last year.  Ideally, I would need these in the next few days. Thanks so much!

If you find your speech, can you either share it with me on GAFE or email it to me at Steve_Ammann@hcpss.org

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