Pet Threat: Human Diseases From Animal Contact

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Pet Threat

A recent outbreak of monkeypox in the Midwest has been traced to infected 
prairie dogs that were sold as pets.  The Center for Disease Control reports 
that about 90,000 humans have contracted the salmonella bacteria from 
playing with pet reptiles.  SARS, the respiratory epidemic, is thought to 
have come from civet cats.  They are bred to be sold in Chinese markets as 
an exotic meat.  While in these markets, the cats live near the cages of 
other animals like bats and snakes.  These other animals will also be sold 
for human consumption.   Some exotic pets are dumped in the wild by their 
owners when they grow too large or become too much of a burden to care for.  
This may pose an even greater threat to global biodiversity - and the cycle 

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