Pet Threat: Human Diseases From Animal Contact

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How about finding out how students in your class would respond to the survey 
question now that they've researched human diseases from animal contact?

Use Microsoft Excel to complete a second survey using the same question:

Should wild animals be taken in as pets?

Click here to see a sample post WebQuest, second survey chart. Use it as a guide to complete your own chart.

Now that you have completed the "Pet Threat" WebQuest it's time to share your informative brochures and children's books. Who could you share your project with? Maybe you can share it with your parent, a younger sibling or relative, a lower grade class of students, or maybe the local pet store owner. Who knows? The information you share may just prevent the spread of a zoonosis.

Continue to research and discuss what's happening around the world with health issues related to human contact with animals. One such issue is "bird flu". Continue to share your findings with others.

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