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Team Project

Team Project

Complete the following activities as a team:
1. Click the blue links below to see four projects completed by middle school students from another school. They worked on an extended Intel coaster project called, It's A Wild Ride! The projects included slide presentations describing and promoting the coaster, poster with artistic design of coaster, and a teacher narrative evaluating each team member. Your team will complete the same types of activities.
1.The Regurgitator a. Slide presentation b. Poster c. Teacher narrative
2. The Great White (The History of Roller Coasters) a. Slide presentation b. Poster (The Great White photo on slide presentation) c. Teacher narrative
3. The Amazon a. Slide presentation b. Poster c. Teacher Narrative
4. The Black Diamond a. Slide Presentation web page done instead b. Poster c. Teacher Narrative
Click here for a chart to complete as a team using details from the four projects above. Also, click here to complete the team progress report.
Using details from the completed chart, your individual journal log entries, and your individual role activities, collaborate with team members on a design and name for your coaster. Draw your coaster design on lineless paper, graphing paper, or on a small poster. Also, use PowerPoint to complete a persuasive slide presentation for Slicks Flags Amusement Parks.
Click the coaster design and PowerPoint slide presentation guide link here for help. You may want to use a graphic organizer to plan your slides. Click here for an organizer model.
Submit journal entries for evaluation and prepare to present your completed project before the class. View how you will be evaluated here.
Discuss with your teacher the possibility of completing a physical coaster model of your team's design using foam tubing or hose pipe. Your teacher may use links on the resource and science publications pages for help.
Rashida Betts, Reading Specialist Stephen Decatur Middle School 8200 Pinewood Drive Clinton, Maryland 20735 To contact me: rashida.betts@pgcps.org


This link takes you to the extensive coaster project done for 
While there you can get an in-depth view of the project including 
teacher and student resources.


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