Links for APES

Check them out...

This is the link to our text book's EXCELLENT website. There is a 
glossary for each chapter with all bold-faced terms defined and 
explained. You will also find flashcards, practice quizzes, and 
links to other sites with more information on selected topics. 
Using this site regularly will help you prepare not only for 
tests throughout the year but will also help you get ready for 
the AP Exam in May.

This is an EXCELLENT website that has many animations that will 
supplement the reading in the text book.

This is a good visual comparing the size of the Gulf of Mexico to 
the amout of oil that has spilled.
How big is the oil spill?

Toxic Waste in China-Video from "60 Minutes"

Quick Overview of Env. Laws

This is a timeline printed in NY Times for Earth Day to show 
important events concerning the environement. Going through these 
events and looking at the pictures might help "pull it all 
together" in some ways for you.
APES Exam Study Tool

The teacher that maintains this website is not only an APES 
teacher, he is a reader. That means he grades FRQ's every year 
for the APES Exam. He has excellent study tips and review 
material here. 
Study and Review Help

To get to the College Board website to learn more about this 

Environmental Literacy Council Website may be useful for Eco-
Magazine project

Read more about the real life case that was the basis for the 
movie "A Civil Action."

Many great titles here from the Society of Environmental 

If you are interested in seeing what types of environmental jobs 
are available and where you can go to study and learn for those 
jobs visit this site. If you scroll down you will come to a 
series of links that will take you to descriptions of the type of 
work (engineering, energy, education, etc.) and universities 
around the world that offer those majors or concentrations.

Read a description of the Gaia Hypothesis, in which the earth 
viewed as a single living entitiy attempting to maintain 
homeostasis. Very  interesting and thought 

Information on what we can do about climate change.

Extremely interesting speech from author of "State of Fear" 
Michael Crichton. Discusses the complexity of earth systems like 
Yellowstone Park and suggests reasons why we should be skeptical 
about media attempts to scare us about issues like population 
growth, global warming, Y2K, etc. Encourages us to live bravely 
and with humility.

El Nino & La Nina information from National Geographic
Needed for Chapter 6 and El Nino FRQ

National Geographic on Jamestown Settlement-really interesting 
information on ecosystem problems 400 years ago!

Six minute, very cool terrapin music video produced by Dr. Willem 
Roosenburg's Research Assistant, Melanie Heckman. The two baby 
terrapins we are raising in the classroom each year are part of 
Dr. Roosenburg's research project. The music video features 
terrapin hatchlings emerging from their nests at Poplar Island 
and scrambling for the water. Retiles are not usually 
considered "cute" animals, but these truly are!

Check out the singing groundhogs!Fun and informative video about 

Homepage for the Green Building Institute.

See the new web page for all student opportunities related to 
science.This page will be maintained with academic opportunities 
that will be of interest to students looking for internships or 
jobs in science related fields.

Interesting history of lead and its historical uses.

Interesting Commentary and Photos from Chernobyl

Gizmos. Login using your user id and password you got in class.

Great Weather Site

From NCSU-extremely helpful checklists for writing lab reports.
How to Write a Lab Report

Watch video and use site calculator to learn how much wasted 
energy there is in your house.

ABC News report on the Gulf Oil spill and what has happened to 
all of the oil?
Where is the oil?

Lab Simulations

The world's population will grow to 9 billion over the next 50 
years -- and only by raising the living standards of the poorest 
can we check population growth. This is the paradoxical answer 
that Hans Rosling unveils at TED@Cannes using colorful new data 
display technology (you'll see).

About Hans Rosling
As a doctor and researcher, Hans Rosling identified a new 
paralytic disease induced by hunger in rural Africa. Now he looks 
at the bigger picture of social and economic development with his 
remarkable trend-revealing software.
World Population Growth

Great for quick review of important terms in APES before the exam.

All the sites you need for the Population Project

Virtual Earthquake

A great quick study program for terms used in environmental 

different biome sites to get started on basic info