St. Francis de Sales School
2014 - 2015

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Kindergarten Meeting for Parents
Thursday, August 21st, 6:15 pm
Kindergarten Classroom
Meeting will inform parents of classroom procedures.

Dress Code - For Early Shoppers 

Dress Black or Maroon Socks and Black Shoes
 Maroon or White Socks and White and Black Saddle / Black Shoes

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Kindergarten students will be dismissed 3:05 pm.
Please walk up to pick your child up from me.
Our hope is for all the little ones to be dismissed
before the car line begins to move. 

If you have other children to pick up in grades 1 - 8,
you may use the car line.
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Your child should have a cloth napkin, snack, and lunch in one every day.
The cloth napkin is used on the table as a for their food.
The snacks allowed in the morning are: fresh fruits, vegetables, Cheez-It, pretzels, and goldfish.  
Please send water to school every day.  A reusable water bottle is acceptable.
Most backpacks have a side pocket or a front compartment to put the water bottle.
You may pack another drink in the lunch box for lunch or buy milk for 50 cents.
Please pack needed supplies for your child's food: such as spoons, forks, straws, napkins...
Thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines.

Just a Reminder: Students may not wear scented lotions, gels, hair products, and perfumes.
Please be mindful of all scented products because I am allergic and this may trigger an asthma attack. Thank you

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Mr. Costante and faculty members have given this considerable thought and considered options
for a safe dismissal procedure for inclement weather for our youngest students.
Inclement Weather - New Procedure Beginning Nov. 7th
The pick up line for grades 1 to 8
is a single car line on the blacktop area that winds
in front of the Carriage House to the school's front doors.
This is the indicator that we are using the inclement weather procedure for dismissal.
Inclement weather days, Pre K, Kindergarten, and siblings of these students
will be dismissed from the front doors of the Parish Center.

Please pass this information to your family and friends
that pick your child/children up at dismissal.
Thank You

Mrs. DiPirro will announce the family names
of the siblings of PreK and K.
They will be reminded to go to the Parish Center for dismissal.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank You