St. Francis de Sales School
2014 - 2015

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Thank you for taking the time to come to school on Friday and meet with me. 
I appreciate your in-sights and working together 
to ensure a successful year for your child's achievements.

Just a Reminder
There was a note in the eFolder a couple of weeks ago regarding the required permission slip necessary for participation in the "Hallo-Giving Parade Project" event. Since we are leaving campus, this form must be completed in order for your child to participate in the parade portion of the event. Please print the permission slip from the Website and put it in your child's folder this week.  Thank you

Wednesday, October 22nd
Mass 8:30 am
Thursday, October 23rd
Religion Homework
For instructions, click on Homework to the left.

Friday, October 24th
This Friday is a NUT "non-uniform today" occasion.  
Check the Handbook p.4 for proper dress code.

(Sneakers or sturdy shoes for safety on the playground   No slip ons)
The $1 participation fee will help offset the costs associated with
purchasing the materials for our Lego Club. 

Thursday, October 30th
Emergency Preparedness Drill
As a reminder, our Lock-Down, Evacuation and Reunification Emergency Preparedness Drill is rescheduled for Thursday, October 30th.  Please make sure that your child does not bring in a lunch box or reusable drink container on that Thursday. Brown bag lunch/disposable drink container or the use of the school cafeteria food service is the two options for this day.
Since the students will all be dismissed from one of our off-campus safe staging areas, there will be no aftercare services on Thursday, October 30th.  Backpacks will be left in the classroom.

Religion Homework will be Wednesday, Oct 29th.   On Thursday, Oct. 30th, please send your child to school with his/her backpack with Folder, Religion Book, Brown Bag Lunch, and Library Book.  As such, there will be NO assigned homework on Thursday.

.                                 Looking Ahead to Halloween Costume - 

When choosing a school costume, please remember to keep it easy for your child to manage the clothes.  They will be in the costume all day and will need to use the bathrooms.

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Gym Clothes - Monday
Library Books need to be returned before or on each Friday.

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Dress Code for Kindergarten

               Boys                                                                                  Girls
August-October and April-June                                      August-October and April-June
Grey Elastic Waist Walking Shorts or Pants                  Grey Elastic Walking Shorts or Grey Skorts
Maroon School Golf Shirt (long or short sleeve)           Maroon School Golf Shirt (long or short sleeve)
Black or Grey Dress Socks                                             Maroon or White Dress Socks
Sturdy, Rubber Soled Black Shoes                                 Sturdy, Rubber Soled Black Shoes or Black and White                                                                                                             Saddle Shoes 

November-March                                                            November-March
Grey Elastic Waist Pants                                                 Maroon Plaid School Jumper
Maroon School Golf Shirt (long or short sleeve)            White Blouse - Peter Pan Collar (long or short sleeve)
Black or Grey Dress Socks                                              Maroon School Cardigan (optional)
                                                                                         Maroon, Grey, or White Knee Highs or Tights
Sturdy, Rubber Soled Black Shoes                                  Sturdy, Rubber Soled Black Shoes or Black                                                                                           and White Saddle Shoes                                                                           
Physical Education Uniform
Warm Weather-Solid Maroon Micromesh School Shorts
Cold Weather-School Maroon Sweat Pants and Sweatshirt
Dark Grey School T-Shirts with Logo
White Crew Socks and Sneakers

Other Regulations
Students may not use cologne, perfume, or scented lotions.
Skorts and Jumpers must not be more than 1 inch above the knee.
Uniform shirts and PE shirts must be worn tucked in at all times.
Nail polish, make-up, and excessive jewelry are not permitted for any student.
Students may wear one school spirit band.  
Girls may wear small post earrings only.
Students may not wear fashion hats, bandannas, scarves, sunglasses, etc...
Students hairstyles are to be clean and neat.  
Girls' hair accessories must compliment the school uniform, not clash.
Students will be asked to remove accessories that clash.
Boys' hair must be evenly cut and off the collar.
Hair is to be kept off the face for all students.

Please click on WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN on the left side
- for more
details about school/classroom procedures.

Your child should have a cloth napkin, snack, and lunch in one lunch box every day.
The cloth napkin is used on the table to place his/her food.
The snacks allowed in the morning are: fresh fruits, vegetables, Cheez-It, pretzels, and goldfish.
Please send water to school every day (no ice cubes).  A reusable water bottle is acceptable.
Most backpacks have a side pocket or a front compartment to put the water bottle.
You may pack another drink in the lunch box for lunch or buy milk for 50 cents.
Please pack needed supplies for your child's food: such as spoons, forks, straws, napkins...
Thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines.

Just a Reminder: Students may not wear scented lotions, gels, hair products, and perfumes.
Please be mindful of all scented products because I am allergic and this may trigger an asthma attack. Thank you

FYI Workshop Time / Colored Bands
Workshop is a free time for the children to choose play/activity.
During this time, I am teaching, assessing, helping students individually and/or small groups.
Children are given a band to put on their wrist as a reminder to lower their voices.
If a child gets three bands, then they are asked to sit for a few minutes.
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Kindergarten students will be dismissed 3:05 pm.
Please walk up to pick your child up from me.
Our hope is for all the little ones to be dismissed
before the car lines begins to move.

Mr. Costante has given this considerable thought and considered options

for a safe dismissal procedure for inclement weather for our youngest students.
Inclement Weather - Procedure
The kindergarten children will follow the same pick-up pattern as the rest of the school.

Please pass this information to your family and friends
that pick your child/children up at dismissal.
Thank You

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank You