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Guidance Lessons by Grade


  Kindergarten-    "Elbert and the Bad Word"
                   My Magic Coloring Book Feelings 
   (Tuesday)       Beau Beau the Dodo Bird - Listening skills
                   Beau Beau the Dodo Bird - Making good choices
                   Beau Beau the Dodo Bird - Managing angry feelings
                   Beau Beau the Dodo Bird - Choosing to do the right thing
                   It's Not Cool to be Mad - Ways to deal with angry feelings
                   "Do Unto Otters" - A book about manners.
                   "The Tallest Leprechaun" - A story about teasing.
                   "Being Patient", "Being Helpful" and "Accepting No" - Three
                   "Feeling Guilty", "Feeling Embarrassed", and "Feeling 
                        Angry" - Three stories.
                   What if the world were one color?? 
                   Caring - who I care for and who cares for
                   "It's Mine" and "Brave Lion, Scared Lion"  -        
                           What do they have in common?
                   "Elmer the Elephant" Appreciating Uniqueness
                   Values Education - Examples and definitions of values.
                   Recognizing Feelings Game
                   Diversity Coloring Book
                   A Visitor from Outer Space - What have we learned in

  Grade 1          Rudy the Rhino teaches us how to make an apology, and how
  (Tuesday)               to listen to others.
                        "Elbert and the Bad Word" and My Magic Coloring Book
                  "Facts about Friends" 
                  "Sometimes I'm a Bombaloo" and "Angry Dragon" How to
                             manage angry feelings
                  The Stinky Fish Game - Making positive decisions 
                  The Angry Crocodile Game - dealing with angry feelings 
                  "Yes We Can" and "I'm Special, I'm Me" Two stories about
                               believing in yourself. 
                  "The Tallest Leprechaun" - A story about teasing.
                  Monster Manners Game 
                  More monster manners 
                  Easter legends and pictures
                  "Sippi" Lessons 1 and 2. 
                  "Sippi" Lesson 3 Tattling and Telling 
                  "Sippi" Lesson 4 Bullying
                  "Sippi" Lesson 5 Respect 
                  "Sippi" Bingo 
                  Thank you project for our teachers.
                  What have you learned this year?     

   Grade 2         "Potter Pig in Control" Anger control (Positive and
  (Tuesday)                       Negative Self-Talk) 
                        "Potter Pig  in Control" How to problem-solve. 
                        "Potter Pig in Control" Problem solving part 2.
                        "Potter Pig in Control" Potter and the empathy machine
                        "Potter Pig in Control" Potter learns how to solve a 
                        Friendship Fables - Respecting others and their feel-
                        Friendship Fables - Dealing with angry feelings in
                        Friendship Fables - How to make friends.
                        St. Patrick's Day Lesson - Lucky Charms Graph  
                        Friendship Fables - Appreciating Differences
                        "The Secret Olivia Told Me" and "A Children's Book
                               About Teasing" - How to be a good friend
                        Easter Legends - Mule and Dogwood
                        "The Rabbit who Lost his Hop" Self-control
                        "The Lion who Lost his Roar" - Facing your fears
                        Jesus is my friend - characteristics of friends
                        "The Hyena who Lost her Laugh" - Positive thinking
                        "The Penguin who Lost her Cool" - Controlling anger
                        "The Bear who Lost his Sleep" - Handling worries
                        A thank you project for the teacher.
                        What did you learn this year?

   Grade 3          Learning Self-Control "The Fox and the Goat", 
  (Monday)                                 "Curious George goes to the Beach"
                                           1,2,3, Stop and Think
                   The Turtle Technique - Gaining control of our bodies
                   Anger and the Snowball Effect
                   "How on Earth do I Stand in Someone Else's Shoes?" A
                                          lesson on empathy.
                   How would I feel if I wore this shoe?
                   No class
                   No class
                   Remote Control Self Control
                   How Do I Feel about being in a class that misbehaves?
                   Use the Pause Button! - Stop and think before acting
                   Better in Slow Motion - Slow down before acting
                   Matching feelings with situations.
                   What should I do instead? Making better choices.
                   Mrs. Ruby's lesson - Passing on the mads.
                   Mrs. Ruby's lesson - Point of view
                   Mrs. Ruby's lesson
                   Tacky the Penguin - Appreciating differences.
                   Mrs. Ruby's lesson on not jumping to conclusions.
                   No class (Memorial Day)
                   Thank you project for our teacher.
   Grade 4         Practicing Self-Control
                   "I Didn't Know I was a Bully"  Identifying bullying
                   "I Didn't Know I was a Bully" Two stories.
                   "I Didn't Know I was a Bully" Friendship bully and cyber-
                   "I Didn't Know I was a Bully " Friendship bullying
                                             (Name-calling and retaliation)
                   "Our Friendship Rules" 
                    Bullying Stories - Team book reports
                   Bullying Tic-Tac-Toe and Bullying Old Maid Game
                   How to avoid being a target for a bully
                   Skits on conflict resolution
                   Skits on conflict resolution (cont'd)
                   Easter legends - Dogwood, Pinetree, Donkey and lily
                   Showing respect exercise
                   Showing respect exercise cont'd.
                   "Lazy Larry"  A lesson about responsibility.
                   "The Boy who Wasn't There" Thinking positively
                   "The Popular Crowd" Values of
                  A thank your project for our teacher.                       
   Grade 5         Practicing Self-Control
                        Self-Control Game
                        Peaceful Behavior
                  Good Citizenship Football
                  Four Conflict Resolution Styles (Shark,turtle,teddy-bear 
                                           and owl)
                  "Alley Oops" and "Our Friendship Rules"  Two stories about
                  Two Biographies - Wilma Rudolph and Jesse Owens
                  Appropriate Behavior Ring Toss
                  Distractions and Paying Attention - Can I do two things
                                  at the same time sucessfully?
                  The Lucky Pencil - How attitude affects performance
                  Target, Bully or Bystander - How does it feel?
                  Using conflict resolution skills - skits
                  Sunburst Video on Empathy
                  "Bullies are a Pain in the Brain"
                  Respect Jeopardy (Respect Web exercise)
                  No class
                  "Mind you Manners" and social skills
                  "Cats and Dogs" Lesson on prejudice.
                  Rules of conversation.
                  Getting ready for the upper school.

   Grade 6         "Self Control is Up to Me" Taking Responsiblity for 
                                Behavior; cop-out statements
                   Team-Building Activity - "Lean on Me"
                                           Who do I lean on?
                   Decision-Making - Weighing positive and negative con-
                   No class
                   Random Acts of Kindness - What can we learn from 
                   Modeling Appropriate Behavior Game (Ring Toss)

                   Team building exercise - Marshmallow & toothpick 
                   Remote Control Self-Control - Actions & Consequences
                   "How to Behave and Why" Munro Leaf
                   How do I  change my behavior? Action plans for specific
                   Trustworthiness - What does is mean?
                   Responsibility - Putting it in to action
                   No class
                   Respect - Giving something up for someone else.
                   Citizenship - Working together for our community.
                   Crossing the river exercise -  Team work

   Grade 7        Self-control experiment Applying self-control in
                                real life situations.  Understanding the
                                consequences of our actions.
                  Team building exercise - Human Scrabble
                  Decision-making - How do I make positive decisions at
                   No class
                   No class 
                   "In your face, Pizza face" Relationship aggression
                   "In your face, Pizza face" Part II
                   Sticky situations - Making a good decision
                   10 Ways to Solve a Conflict - Group skits
                   Sunburst Video - "Your Reputation - Make it, Change it"
                   Discussion of video.
                   Responsibility - What are some of my responsibilities?
                                    What interferes in carrying them out?
                   NetSmartz - Internet Safety
                   Wrinkles in  your heart - How should I treat others?
                   Target, bully or by-stander?  How does it feel?
                   Crossing the river exercise - team work

   Grade 8         Self control - How does anger affect our health?
                                  How can I control unhealthy anger?
                                  Positive ways to deal with anger
                   Decision-making - Post story 
                   No class
                   Grief and Mourning - 
                   Decision Making exercises
                   Team Puzzle Challenge
                   Body Image Movie
                   Forgiveness - three stories of forgiveness.
                   10 Habits of Effective Teens- Proactive v Reactive
                   Verbal/non-verbal communication - Did I get the message?
                          (Non-verbal telephone game)
                   NetSmartz - Internet Safety

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