Intern Procedures

Attendance: Science Internship is a regular class and follows WoottonHigh School attendance procedures. Each intern (himself/herself) must sign-out every day. This is the official attendance log and the information is forwarded to the attendance office.   These rosters become vitally important during an emergency. We must be able to account for you. If you have signed-out to leave the building, and a fire drill is called before you are able to leave - meet me at the gate at the Wootton Parkway end of the football field If you have not yet signed-out, and you are near the front part of the building – meet me at the Wootton Parkway end of the football field If you have not yet signed out, and you are in the rear of the building – assemble with the nearest class and make sure your name is added to the attendance roster the teacher gives to security. If you are signed-out to remain in the building – go to that site’s designated location The sign-out rosters will be located in one the following places: doorway in room 208 doorway to Resource Teacher’s office, room 204 doorway to DNA Resource Center office, room 288A

  • Emergency Situations: Code Red/Blue: Report to the nearest class and follow the teacher’s instructions.
  • Other Emergencies (ie, weather conditions that close school). Report to room 208. Be prepared to follow Mrs. Adler’s directions. In this situation, you will be allowed to use cell phones to call mentors and/or transportation.

Time Sheets are to be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Placed in the designated “In-Box” at the sign-out station  
  • Placed in Mrs. Adler’s mailbox in the main office   
  • Your mentor may email it to Mrs. Adler as a Word attachment. The Word format is available on the Science Internship website.
  • Scanned documents will NOT be accepted since the files are often too large to download
  • Time sheets e-mailed from students or their parents will NOT be accepted.
  • Do NOT fax time sheets since they come to the main office and are easily overlooked

Personal Emergency Plan: Wintry weather, the holiday season and the cold and flu season will soon be upon us.  As an intern, you must have plans to accommodate absences at your work site due to illness or school schedule changes (or closures) due to poor weather conditions. Or, in the case of MCPS- just lots of schedule changes, for various reasons, and often at the last minute….   This assignment cannot be done superficially or taken lightly.  In recent years I have already had to accommodate interns, mentors and parents through emergency situations such as 9/11, sniper attacks, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.  My goal is to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.    I also want to help assure that you won’t be caught in a difficult position with mentors who begin to question your dedication when your schedule becomes erratic as various issues arise.  

  • Your assignment is to REVIEW YOUR CALENDAR (AGENDA BOOK) & MEET WITH YOUR MENTOR and YOUR PARENTS to: Identify and list the types of things that could disrupt your schedule and your mentor’s schedule.  These would include scheduled school closings & schedule changes, illness, school closings, delayed openings, early dismissals, other emergencies, personal & academic matters etc.  You and your mentor and parents need to identify the “etc”- and it may be different for different sites. Discuss what actions would be best for you, your parents and your mentor for each of the situations described in #1. Make sure you have identified the specifics of how to contact the site & how the site will contact you. Some sites have very specific contact requirements. Describe your plan and have your mentor and your parents sign it.  Submit a hard copy to me by the deadline.