Weekly Log & Time Sheet

Intern’s Weekly Log and Time Sheet

This version may be copied into a Word document, completed & MENTOR E-MAIL to the coordinator 


Intern Name:  ____________________ Mentor/Supervisor: __________________


For the week of:  Monday, _________________ to Friday, __________________
                                               (month/date)                                                 (month/date)


This sheet deadline the following Wednesday to Mrs. L. Adler



Total Hours Worked:  _________

Explain any changes in your hours: List days or hours absent or made up.  Failure to complete this line will result in ZERO hours recorded. Late submissions may not receive credit.

Summarize your work activities for the week.  Include daily activities.  Explain how you made the most of your internship: skills learned & used, responsibilities given, accomplishments, achievements. Include observations about the workplace environment that may influence your career choice. Continue on the back if necessary.  This section must be completed to receive credit for your work hours.



From __________ to ___________





From __________ to ___________





From ___________to___________





From ___________ to __________





From ___________ to __________



Please contact Adlerwootton@gmail.com immediately with concerns:



I confirm the accuracy of this log: _____________________________________      __________

                                                                             Mentor’s signature                                             Date



End the log with a personal reflection statement

Statement worth 20 points as a separate assignment submitted

via Turnitin.com - deadline the following Wednesday