END OF SESSION Presentation & Paper

If used as a Final Exam = 25% of your 4thquarter grade


Read the entire document carefully


Each intern is required to present a brief oral description of his/her internship experience.  In your presentation you must highlight how your science background was pertinent and used in your work experience.



PRESENTATION:   Remember: your parents and mentors will be invited.  You do not want to embarrass them or yourselves.  So take the time and care to do this properly.  See me if you do not know what an appropriate, professional product looks like. PS- every year someone throws something together at the last minute, it looks and sounds like it and is embarrassed in front of the audience.  Please don’t let this be you.


You have a maximum of 7 minutes for your presentation: 5 minutes for your discussion and 2 minutes for immediate questions.  There will be time for further questions at the end of the session.   You have 1 minute for prep and to set up your visual.   If you go over the allotted time, I will deduct 10% per minute from your grade.


A visual must be included with the presentation.  The visual can be a science fair-type backboard, overhead, professionally produced research poster or PowerPoint.  If you choose to use PowerPoint, you MUST have the time to set it up prior to your presentation.  Room 208 is available for you to load and test your PowerPoint and practice your presentation. ALL POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS MUST BE ON A FLASH DRIVE. Do NOT rely on network, email or website access.


You will sign up for a designated presentation session.  Your mentors and parents are invited, so consult with them and with other interns at your site for a mutually convenient schedule.   Within each module several interns can reserve a presentation slot.  


  • You may NOT use the other time slots to prepare or set up your presentation, so come prepared with a completed presentation. You are expected to be an attentive audience.


  • You MUST be in attendance for the entire session – beginning to end- as an attentive audience for your colleagues.  So plan your schedule carefully


Your grade will suffer if you leave before your session is completed.  Even if it runs over the allotted time.  This is not negotiable, so plan for it!  Your mentors and parents may arrive and leave at their convenience.  Although you will have signed up for a specific day, the actual order of presentations may vary from the sign up list. I will try to make sure you present as quickly as possible when your mentor arrives. If there are multiple interns at the same site: each intern must sign up for an individual time slot.


This is a busy week at the end of the school year. The schedule is a mess! And your teachers cannot keep track of your calendar. If you plan carefully, you should not need to miss classes.   


Make sure your mentor has approved your presentation.  That way you will know that your presentation is acceptable and meets the standards for your job site presentation.  I cannot give you specific guidelines because there are many interns in many different sites, doing many different jobs.  Each of which may require a particular presentation format. Your mentor will guide you. However, the questions you need to answer for your paper may provide a good framework. Some information may be confidential, sensitive, etc.   I am aware that some facilities will not allow photographs, etc. and this may impact the visual aspect of your presentation.   Please let me know ahead of time if this applies to you


Guidelines for Effective Presentations:  There are a couple of resources available on the Science Internship web site to help you prepare your presentation.  Please make sure you follow the guidelines for effective public speaking and visual presentations.  This will be factored into your grade.  NOTE: The KISS of DEATH for presentations is having a very wordy, dense, 12 point font slide that you turn to read off the screen, leaving your back to the audience.   Basically, no slide should have more than 7 words across by 7 words down.   Large sans serif font (ie, Arial, Comic, etc) with great contrasting colors.   This severely limits using full sentences…as well it should!   Use bulleted items as speaking points. No one wants to read (or be read) a document off the screen.  Print out your slides onto paper and add additional speaking points of information in writing on your notes.  That way you can face the audience and direct your comments to them.



Final Report: Each intern must also turn in a written report (either hard copy or on Turnitin.com) answering the following:

  • Description of your job.
  • What did you learn?
  • How did the internship benefit you?
  • What surprised you the most about the experience?
  • What advice would you give mentors and future interns?
  • What would you do differently



Information about the presentations, a final mentor evaluation sheet and an invitation will be given to you to bring to your mentors.   Please make sure your mentor and parents receive it.