Science Internship Options

Science Internship Options

You can design the science internship program that meets your needs by answering the questions posed and by choosing an option from each column.

Column A

Column B

Column C

Column D

Column E

Column F

What topics am I interested in?

What kind of work do I like to do?

What field am I interested in?

What time frame can I devote to work?

Do I want academic credit?

Which would I rather have, a great opportunity or salary?

Biological Science

(Which field?)


Field work


Academic Year single semester

WHS program



Physical Science

(Which field?)





Academic Year

2 semesters

WHS program

No Credit


Computer Science

(Which field?)

Working w/ People




Summer only

WHS program

MUST arrange own placement & mentor


(Which field?)


ie Library

Event Planning


Summer only

*Competitive award



Summer + Academic Year

WHS &/or *Competitive Award

Social Service


  • * During the year there will be many special programs that offer internships through competitive applications. Most of these are for the summer (or summer + academic year) and include such programs as NIH, SEAP, NASA, CARB, USDA, TIGR, etc. Most of these can be converted to summer + academic year programs. These opportunities and others are announced in science classes and through the POST.

  • The coordinators may also disseminate information directly to prospective interns via e-mail. It is the prospective intern’s responsibility to maintain an active e-mail account and to follow up on opportunities. Register your email at the NEWSFLASH page of the POST

· STARS: Some STARS programs, such as the DNAcademy require an internship. The internship may be “noncredit”. However, the intern must provide proof of experience as determined by the coordinator (for example: time sheets, assignments, etc) and prepare a presentation as a culminating activity.

  • Most mentors want interns for the longest time possible so the intern uses acquired work skills. Do not expect to change work sites each semester

  • Some internship positions may be salaried. The internship coordinators do NOT take this into account when arranging placement. They are only concerned with the qualifications of the intern to do the job requested by the mentor. Interns can receive pay and Science Internship course credit on the same hours.

  • Community Service requests MUST be approved by the SSL coordinator. SSL hours cannot be awarded for internship hours that are paid and/or credited.

  • With the no credit summer option there may be no provision for support, guidance, supervision, follow-up, etc by WHS internship coordinator. Students taking the course for credit have priority in placement with mentors.

· More information: email Mrs. Adler at

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