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Guidance Groups

FOURTH GRADE LUNCH GROUPS.  I will have lunch with every fourth grader three times 
between September and the end of December.  Each class will be divided into about four 
groups of five students, and we meet for three consecutive weeks, on the same day as their 
guidance class.  We will eat, chat, and play games, mostly variations of hangman. Hangman 
topics will include movie titles, book titles, states and capitals, sports teams, or my personal 
favorite - dog breeds!  The purpose of these friendly visits is to help all of us get to know each 
other better.  

Other small groups may be offered at Marshwood Great Works School throughout the school 
year. These groups will be on an as needed (or requested) basis.  Topics for groups include 
(but are not limited to): divorce/separation; grief; friendship/social skills; anger management; 
and study skills. A student will not be in one of these groups without parental notification and 
If parents would like for their child to participate in a group, call me or send an email. If your 
child requests to be in a group, you will be contacted.

Phone:  384-4010 ext.107      
email:  karla.kyle@rsu35.org

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