Info for Parents

Being a parent of a teenager is not easy!  Here are some supports to help you throughout these four years...

Are your child's grades slipping?  Here are some suggestions/resources to help get them back on track:
   First, email your child's teachers to get a detailed report on how things are going in each class.  Next, you may want to contact your child's advisor or counselor to set up a parent/teacher meeting to discuss in person any issues and brainstorm some solutions.  
   There are several resources built into PRHS that we can access to support students. 

  • Guided Academic Support - this small, more structured academic support is available to all students who have been identified as needing more support to get back on track.  In a guided academic support, the teacher communicates with all the students' teachers to determine what work needs to be done and then it is closely monitored during academic support.
  • Credit Recovery - designed mostly for seniors and juniors, credit recovery is a structured after school program led by two PRHS teachers.  These teachers communicate with your child's teachers to determine what course work is missing and then they work with students to get caught up.  Currently, credit recovery meets on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school.

Here are some links to websites that can provide additional information on teen issues:

   Academics/Future Planning
   College Board: PSAT's, SAT's, college searches, financial aid:

   Dads & Daughters:
   Daughters Newsletter: a newsletter for the parents of girls
   Support for Teen Parents & Their Infants:
   PFLAG: information and support for parents & friends of gay, lesbian, transgendered youth
   Center for Grieving Children:
   Transition Year: resources to help students & their parents with emotional health issues as students transition to college life
      Kids First Center: support for families going through divorce or separation

   Staying Safe Online

   Tips for Parents & 1st Year College Students

Janet Lohmann, Bowdoin's Dean of First Year Students and Michael Wood, the Assistant Dean of First Year Students, have these tips for students and parents.

10 Things For Students To Know When Going Off To College

  1. Pack lightly
  2. Be flexible with new roommates
  3. Get your Zzzs
  4. Give yourself time to adjust
  5. Don't phone home every day
  6. Get used to asking questions
  7. Practice your manners
  8. Get a job
  9. Do something
  10. Don't try to do everything

10 Things For Parents To Know When a Child Goes Off To College

  1. Anxiety and tension will happen
  2. Encourage connections with faculty and staff
  3. Support, don't dictate
  4. Frame challenges as opportunities
  5. Understand your role and their growth
  6. Keep your expectations in check
  7. Encourage balance
  8. Listen
  9. Let them go; let them grow
  10. Mail is always welcome

   Additional Counseling Services
   Please click on the "Counseling Services" tab on the left for information on other support services available at PRHS.  If you would like information on a referral to an outside counselor or agency, please contact your child's counselor.