These are some websites that will be useful this year. 

World HistoryTextbook

Use this site to answer a few simple questions about 
Islam Religion

The Quran and Suicide

MLA Documentation

The British Broadcast Company

The newest way to create astonishing presentations 
live on the 
Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor

Wonderful and unusual web site that does reviews of 
book for 
teens. Excellent
place to look for new books to read.

Excellent resources on ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, 
Egypt, Oral 
History, World
History Maps, World War II history, the Renaissance 
and much 

Good source for primary source documents, women in 
world history, 
and children
and youth in world history.

Florida Center for Instructional Technology has 
pulled together 
one of the
most comprehensive websites on the Holocaust found 
on the World 
Wide Web

Harlem Renaissance

Use this map to create your own map of what America 
looked like 
in 1754.
Map of America 1754

Night Vocabulary

Print out a copy of this map and use the map of 
America in 1754 
to color code your map.
Outline map of the United States

Wikipedia and the History of Detroit

Why Study History?

Rosetta Stone

Egyptian gods

Women's rights in Egypt

Medical Advances in Egypt

King Tut

Queens of Egpyt


Good website to find out information about the Greek gods.

Test your knowledge of the Greek gods against students around the world!

Provides a list of Roman Numerals
Roman Numerals Chart

A good description of the background on Roman 

This link is on the Olmec Civilization

Article #1 on Nazca Lines

Article #2 on Nazca Lines

Article #3 on Nazca Lines

African Map practice

Crescent and the Cross

Never Again: A Project on the Holocaust

An excellent source for defining terms related to the Holocaust

This link will describe the Concept of Ma'at

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

why did we bomb Hiroshima?

the decision to use the bomb

BBC History of World War II: Hiroshima

From this site you can log into AR and take a 
reading practice 
quiz.  You do
not have to print the results.  Be sure to answer 
all the 
questions including
the last on asking you how you enjoyed the book.  
Otherwise the 
quiz will not
be counted!
Accelerated Reader log in

Was it necessary to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? A chronology

This is an excellent link for information on the American Civil 
PBS and the Civil War

This website will allow you to learn the Asian countries and 
geographic features.
Asian map game

Red Badge of Courage online

this is the first of three short videos you are to watch over the 
break and take notes on.
The Samurai Sword, Part one-the Discovery Channel

This is the second of three videos that every student must watch and 
take notes on during the Easter break.  
The Samurai Warrior-the History Channel 2/10

This is the third of three videos on the Samurai warrior and sword 
that must be watched by each student over the Easter break.  There 
will be a quiz when you return.  Take good notes.
The Samurai Warrior, Part 3/10 the History Channel