We hope you're enjoying your summer!  

If you are looking for stuff to do, look no further than Hudson Mills!  Did you know that they now 
have an inflatable slide?  It's fun and reasonably priced.  When you're finished sliding, ride your 
bikes around the park or check out the Activity Center for events and educational programs. 

Can you canoe?  There are several canoe liveries in the area including Skip's at Delhi Park or if you 
travel to Ann Arbor there are liveries at Argo Pond as well as Gallup Park.  

Have you been to the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor?  How about the Natural History Museum?  
They have a wonderful planetarium with shows scheduled at certain times.  Check out their info 

How many books have you read this summer?  The Dexter Library has loads of books--new ones, 
old ones, highly recommended ones, just ask.  

Have you been on a picnic?  Plan a picnic, prepare some healthy snacks and head for one of the 
many outdoor picnic areas such as the Dexter Huron Metropark, a rarely used little park great for 
picnicking, relaxing and catching crayfish in the river.  

Enjoy your summer!