About The Teacher

NAME: Mr. Thomas Weddell

SCHOOL: Geisler Middle School

CLASS: Sixth and Seventh Grade Social Studies

SCHOOL PHONE: 1-248-956-2900 E-mail--thomasweddell@wlcsd.org

About The Teacher

This is my 24th year of teaching 6th grade, 23rd in the Walled Lake School 
District.  My first 4 years were spent at Hickory Woods, then when the 
district moved the 6th grade to the middle school, I followed along with 
them.   I love teaching 6th graders.
My wife(a 2nd grade teacher) and I have been happily married for 20 years 
and we have two children(Soph at MSU and 11th grader) and 3 dogs.  
My number one leisure activity is spending time outside with my 
dogs.....my family wanders out 
once in awhile.  I enjoy riding my 3 Honda Mini Bikes, golfing with my 
buddies Bubba and Mr. Spickard, or just being outside.  
I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Social Science from Michigan 
State University, my teaching certification from Aquinas College, and my 
Masters of Education from Marygrove College.
I love being in the classroom with my students, challenging them daily, 
and watching them grow intellectually and socially. Instilling a sense of 
pride in their ATTITUDE, QUALITY, AND EFFORT and seeing the excitement as 
the kids "get it" is what teaching is all 
about.   I look forward to a productive and positive year with my students,
sure they become advocates for themselves and are more than prepared for 
7/8th grade.If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me or give 
me a call.  Thanks for taking a look!

Mission For The Class

We, the staff of Geisler Middle School believe that: 

We have been entrusted with providing a warm, friendly environment where 
students feel supported and
Our learning community will foster positive relationships based on mutual 
respect where open communication
establishes trust and unity. 
Learning is a life-long process. 
We welcome the opportunity for students, staff, and the community to 
experience empowerment through
responsible decision making. 
Self-evaluation is essential to becoming a responsible and disciplined