I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful fall weather and colors.  Please
remember to send jackets as some of these days have been crisp and cool, but
the kids go out for recess daily unless it is raining. students are forgetting
snacks as well.  Please remember to send these  daily as they all really enjoy
that snack break.
  We are wrapping up several units.  The first is our Unit 1 of math.  We will
soon be reviewing the many concepts we have covered so far of multiplication
and division.  We have learned many strategies for problem solving and for
selecting which operation to use.  They are becoming better at reading and
taking the time to take word problems step by step to solve.  Morning work is
often a problem solving problem of puzzle type.  Those who were giving up
quickly out of frustration are now sticking with this a little longer and
using what they know to make headway toward solving.  I see progress.  Yay!
  The children are in process of publishing their personal narratives after
many lessons on beginnings, endings, planning events, powerful verbs and using
strong adjectives.  All of the student writings are kept at school, even after
scoring, and are kept in writing portfolios.  This is so they may compare work
and set writing goals.