Brrrr. We are having an unusually cold winter so far.  Please send the
appropriate items "just in case" it is warm enough to head outside for outdoor
recess.  The kids have been really good about playing games, watching movies
and taking turns on the Chromebooks during indoor recess, but hopefully, they
can begin to get some exercise in before long.
  We are enjoying our measurement unit in math.  The kids are learning a few
new ways in which to find lengths of objects.  You should have received the
parent letter with information on what this unit involves.  Telling time,
liquid volume and metric / standard conversions are some of our tasks.  
  We have begun our new science unit also. We are studying force and motion
with many opportunities for them to try out movement and various forces on
their own.  
  Our current reading unit is Mystery Book Club.  We are just getting started
and the concept of Book Clubs is new for these children.  They will be
responsible for setting goals with their club members and deciding "where"
they wish to be in their book for the next meeting.  There will be reading to
do at home and of course, this can count as their daily reading.  It will be
important to keep up and will help to know friends are counting on you to be
able to keep book conversations going.  More will come home about this.
  The students were delighted that we began practicing cursive writing just
before break.  We will continue to fit this in whenever possible.  They seem
to find it relaxing and love the artistic quality of cursive.
  We are picking up the pace of multiplication and division fact fluency
tests.  I will try to give the children notification ahead of time and also
write when we will have timed fact tests.  Most weeks, we will try to have two
of these.  Children need 94% accuracy in order to "pass" the test.  They have
6 minutes. They take the tests in the order the facts were first introduced,
first taking the multiplication fact test and then the division.  Each child
should always be practicing for the next test and know what test they are on.
 There is a chart in the classroom for reference.  
  There are many sites on the "links" page of this website to practice
multiplication / division facts.  The children are also familiar with many
that we use within class.  It can be much more enjoyable than drilling with
  Thank you to all of you who donated the items for our holiday celebration. 
The kids enjoyed the food and special holiday season and celebrating together.  
Keep warm!!
Mrs. Teskey