Thanks for all the new donations of tissue and Clorox Wipes.  We are 
going through both tissue and Clorox wipes in huge amounts with allergy season
upon us. Thank you!! The kids did a fantastic job on their recent MAP tests.
Hopefully, you took notice of your child's scores in their Learning Notebooks
that they had home to share with you.  This week, we will begin the M-Step
test.  We will start with the math portion and the following week, the
Language Arts.  We have logged onto the practice sessions a couple of times
and the kids know what to expect.  
  We are just completing our Realistic Fiction unit in writing.  They have
enjoyed writing for the first time in 3rd person.  They have learned to write
without including themselves in the action, but to think about character
development in a different way.  This can be difficult for some, but they are
making good progress.  They have been sharing with one another, determining
any areas that need clarifying, then will be ready for publishing.
  The children are doing a fantastic job on the concepts of perimeter and
area.  These can be tricky, but they are stepping up and trying all of the
strategies to solve these.  We are nearing the end of this unit.  Watch the
calendar page and our planners for that date.
  Our non-fiction unit was a success.  We studied the different text
structures.  Students learned how information is organized in non-fiction
books to help them understand what is being presented.  They practiced finding
information in all of these structures and also "built" a text structure flip
book.  Teams of students worked together on one animal family and then
presented the most important facts learned about an animal to the class in an
oral presentation.  I was impressed with how well they worked together and
planned their speeches.  
  Please continue to watch planners for homework.  There has been a noticeable
change in the amount of homework assignments being turned in.  I only assign
homework that I believe will be good practice for classroom work.  Also, with
so many evening sports and spring activities, please keep to a schedule when
possible.  We still have an awful lot of curriculum to cover between now and
the end of the year.  Some kids are looking a bit sleepy and tired during the
day.  Thanks for the help! 
  Thank you to our popcorn poppers last Friday.  Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Zaloga and
Mrs. Verbick had a huge amount of orders and offered prizes to the class that
purchased the most popcorn.  I think they popped for hours.  We're studying
"incentives" in social studies.  That fit perfectly. 
 Enjoy the warm days.
Mrs. Teskey