Welcome to Third Grade!
   It was so nice to meet many of you at the ice cream social on Wednesday
evening.  I look forward to meeting those of you that were unable to attend
and to get to know all of you as the year unfolds.  We are very fortunate to
have a class of 20 students to begin the year.   This is a wonderful, small
class size.  
   Please note the date of Thursday, September 11 on your personal calendar. 
Parent Night is that evening.  This is an opportunity for parents to visit the
school and hear from our new principal as well as visit our classroom.  I will
explain some of our classroom procedures, the expectations for third grade and
give an overview of our curriculum.  There will be helpful handouts and a
mini-lesson on our unique spelling program.  Please plan to attend.
   Over the first couple of days, many important papers will be sent
home with the children.  Please look through the Homework Folder that will
travel back and forth with the children each day.  Many of the the items will
need to have information filled out or signatures.  Thank you for returning
these promptly.  This homework folder will help to keep your child organized
and will provide one place for you to look for assignments, study tools and
    Your child will also be provided with a planner / agenda.  Each day, as a
class, we will fill in what we have studied in each subject area and what our
homework assignments are for that evening.  In addition to this, your child
will receive a letter grade designating their behavior for the day.  Be sure
to read the note regarding this behavior system that is sent home.  This is a
classroom system I have used for the past 4 years and have found it to be one
that encourages self-monitoring of behavior without creating stress on the
student or those around them.  The grade assignments are most often mutually
agreed upon by both teacher and student.  I will discuss this more at Parent
Night.  In the meantime, please get in the habit of reviewing your child's
planner each evening and writing your initials in the space provided.  This is
a great school / home connection.
    Check out the other pages on this website for information regarding
supplies, our specials schedule, commonly asked questions, and what homework
will look like in third grade.  Oxbow is a "green school" and we try to be as
conservative in the use of paper as possible, however, I realize that some of
you either do not have computers in your homes or do not have internet access.
Keeping current on what is going on in our classroom is directly related to
your child's success, so I am more than happy to send home hard copies of
updates when our announcements page is updated as well as the calendar.  The
bottom portion of the website note going home to you asks that you let me know
how you intend to keep up to date with our learning. I will send updates home
with your child if that is your request. 
   I am very happy to work with my third grade teaching partners, Katie
Knoedler and Dana Walker.  Katie and I worked together last year and Dana is
returning to Oxbow after having been the literacy coach at another school
within the district for the past 4 years.  We have already found that we enjoy
opportunities to collaborate and plan for the upcoming year and have fun doing
so.  We're looking forward to sharing together throughout the upcoming year.
   Please contact me if there is a particular need or question that I can help
you with.  I hope to see all of you at Parent Night on September 11!
   Mrs. Teskey