I hope you all had a wonderful spring break whether you spent time 
traveling or stayed close to home.  
  Though hard to believe, we are in the last marking period - the last "leg"
of third grade for your child.  This will fly by.  We are busy working on 
our non-fiction writing.  Each student has selected a topic that they "know 
a lot about and care a great deal about."  These are not research writings, 
but instead, practice writing within various text structures as we write 
"books" about various topics.  Within the class, we have books being written 
about many different animals, sports and hobbies.  Chapters are written in
descriptive text, sequence, compare and contrast and other common structures
found in books these children read on a daily basis.  Now they are able to
recognize these, name them and also know why one is used rather than 
another. They are doing a fabulous job with this project.
  We are in our geometry unit and studying geometric figures, angles and 
also, perimeter and area.  There is SO much vocabulary to remember that goes 
along with this.  I have created resource pages for each of the students and 
have asked that they keep these in their binders to refer to in class and 
with homework as needed.  I may be adding to these as we find necessary.
  Please, please, please continue practicing multiplication facts.  Several 
of the students have passed all of the fact families and are now taking 
mixed fact tests in order to gain speed in fluency.  Some are struggling to 
pass the third or fourth fact family.  Though we all learn at different 
speeds, this is a third grade goal and all students are capable of this 
throughout their third grade year with effort and consistent practice.  
  We are finishing up a mini unit of Michigan government and will take a 
short quiz to assess their learning over the next week or so.  We will then 
begin our unit on How MI Became a State.  Yes, we still have quite a bit of 
learning to do!!  Please stick to schedules, bedtimes, etc. even though 
spring sports are going on and it is light later in the evening.  We are jam 
packed in 3rd grade with curriculum.  Ms. Knoedler has a couple more units 
of science to cover as well.  
  Thank you for all you do to help.  It doesn't go unnoticed.
Mrs. Teskey