Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you.  We received so many tasty
treats and helping hands for our crafts on Halloween that the kids had a great
celebration.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and our parade was
held indoors, but fun was had by all. 
  I want to also thank our middle school helper, Faith, who is a former
student of mine.  She is earning national honor society hours and comes in
once a week and spends several hours cutting, folding, preparing things for
projects and lessons.  I hope that one of these current students will want to
earn hours doing the same thing again one day.  I'll be happy to have them.
  I really enjoyed conferencing with each of you.  It is important to meet the
families of students and discuss their individual progress.  Notes and agendas
serve a good purpose, but personal conversations set a good foundation for
working together throughout the year for the benefit of moving each child
forward to reach their highest potential.  Thanks for making this a priority
in your really busy schedules.  
  We completed our first writing unit, a personal narrative.  This is being
scored. This will be the second piece of writing we are adding to our writing
portfolios that are kept in in the classroom.  As stated in the past, all
writing is kept at school so that we can pull it out once in a while to see
how we are growing as writers and to also rework earlier work as we learn to
do certain things much better.  You may ask to see their portfolio whenever
you'd like - though there isn't much to see quite yet.  We are currently
writing our own book.  We read "The Important Book," a text that takes
ordinary things and describes these using fantastic adjectives.  Each student
has created their own and is in the publishing stage of this.  The idea is
that they will begin to use adjectives more thoroughly in all of their daily
  We have neared the end of Unit 1 in social studies.  We will review for a
couple of days this upcoming week.  When we have gone over the main ideas,
vocabulary and concepts from the unit (MI geography), they will receive a
study guide to help them prepare for the test.  I will play a "Jeopardy" style
game with them for a final review before the study guide goes home.  They will
have a couple of days notice before the test. I suggest the study guide,
textbook, question sheets, and ALL classroom resources we have used - which
will all be sent home on the same day, be used for study purposes.  Those who
spend a significant amount of time reviewing these items generally do quite
well on content area tests.  Those that skim the materials or believe they
have picked up all the material they need to know through class discussions
most often do not earn a grade they are happy with.
  The first unit math test is scored and will be returned to students early in
the week.  Several still need help in working with rounding to the nearest
100's.  Overall, most have improved greatly in all areas since we began these
concepts 4 - 5 weeks ago.  We are all going to work on reading carefully and
slowing down, rechecking.  
   Remember to please send jackets each day.  MI weather, as we know, can
change in no time.  Some have come completely unprepared for outdoor recess. 
They may not be allowed outdoors if it is cold and they have not coat.  
   Enjoy what is left of the fall color and bit of warm air here and there.  
Mrs. Teskey