Monday, November 3, 2014
Dear 4th grade families,
    The first marking period has ended.  We scheduled parent/teacher conferences today.  Please look in your child's backpack for a note with your assigned time.  Please let us know if you are not able to make that time.  
  Mrs. Fritz and Mrs. Henley's classes are attending the Nature Center field trip this week.  Mrs. LaBelle and Mrs. Elzinga will be attending Dec. 8-12.  
  We are beginning chapter 5 in math this week.  Students will be learning how to multiply two digit numbers by one digit.  Please be patient and listen to your child explain the way we are learning this in class. We will eventually learn the traditional method (the way you learned), but we want to build some fundamentals first.  We are continuing to work on mastering our multiplication facts.  One way to do this is through math games.  Here are a few games to try at home:  

Mystery Number
Multiple Madness
The Product Game

Mrs. Henley, Mrs. Fritz and Ms. LaBelle, and Ms. Elzinga