Monday, Sept. 15, 2014
Dear 4th grade families,
   The first two weeks of school with 30+ students in each class went as well as could be.  We are pleased to welcome Miss Elzinga to our team so we can more effectively teach about 25 students in each classroom.  We appreciate your patience as we worked out the new class lists, etc.  There will probably be a few other changes to come as well.  
  The new cross-grouping schedule will be as follows:
  Mrs. Henley will teach math to her own students and Mrs. Fritz's students.
  Mrs. Fritz will teach Social Studies and Science to her own students and Mrs. Henley's students.   
  Ms. LaBelle will teach math to her own students and Ms. Elzinga's students. 
  Ms. Elzinga will teach Science and Social Studies to her own students and Ms. LaBelle's students.  
  Each teacher will teach Reading and Writing to their own class.  
  Due to these changes, this web page may be adjusted.  We are not sure all classes will be on the same math lesson on the same day, therefore homework may not always be posted here.  We will try to keep you as informed as we can.  
   We look forward to seeing you at Open House on Tuesday. 


Mrs. Henley, Mrs. Fritz and Ms. LaBelle, and Ms. Elzinga