Monday, October 13, 2014
Dear 4th grade families,
    We are halfway through the first marking period of 4th grade. Thank you for all the support at home with following through on homework completion and planner checks.  
  We have completed the benchmark testing for reading with each child.  At 4th grade, your child should be at a level P/Q in September, and a level S by the end of the year.  You may remember last year we also did a computerized test called edperformance last year.  This test was to show growth over the year.  This year we will be using a different testing system.  It is called the  NWEA(Northwest Evaluation Association) MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) test. We should have fall results to share with you at conferences in November.  We will be testing in Reading, Math and Science. 
   Currently in Math we are working on mastering our multiplication facts.  One way to do this is through math games.  Here are a few games to try at home:  

Mystery Number
Multiple Madness
The Product Game

Mrs. Henley, Mrs. Fritz and Ms. LaBelle, and Ms. Elzinga