Dear Families,

Title mix up!  No need to bring in $1.  That was from last week!  Sorry for the confusion!

We have our next field trip coming up next week!  We will be traveling to the Nature Center to explore animals preparing for winter.  See below for dates and times.

Wow, it is so hard to believe we are in the last week of October! Time flies when we're having fun and learning so much!

The weather is changing! Please be sure to send your child to school with appropriate recess attire; jackets, hats, mittens, boots (when applicable). All items of clothing must be labeled with your child's name!

Home Learning  We are continuing to assign TenMarks math practice at home. This week's assignment is due next Monday, November 3, 2014. Please have your child sign in two times per week. This way, the assignment will not be overwhelming and can be finished even though your families are so busy!  Also, if your child finishes all of the assignments and is looking for additional practice, the Jam Sessions on TenMarks are engaging and beneficial.  

Please remember that students should log on to RazKids only two times per week. Your child's log-in information is taped to the inside cover of their BEE book.  This is excellent practice that will enhance your child's reading experiences. Enjoy!  

Please remember to be reading your child's "just right" book with him/her at night.  They need to return their book the next day for another book!  Happy Reading!

Online Subscription: BrainPop Jr.- we use this website a lot in our classrooms.  
login: bloomfieldhills
password: bhsd
Vocabulary  This week we will be exploring the -im and -id word families. The poems we are learning will come home today. Please ask your child to read and spell these words. Have them generate other words that rhyme with these rhyming words. Remember this is a minimum of what your child should do. For an added challenge, have your child continue to look for these chunks in larger words while reading. Additionally, we will be practicing the spelling of high frequency words such as: or, by, one, and not throughout the week.
Spelling City
Practice making blends

Reader's Workshop 

Please remember to read with your child daily for at least 15-20 minutes!   

This week your reader will use the strategies we are exploring to improve fluency and accuracy. We are defining patterns in texts and using them to help solve words. Using predictable text patterns help us to anticipate what will come next. This allows us to read without having to stop and figure out all of the words. We will also be noticing when patterns change, usually at the end of text. 

We have worked hard on building a safe and enjoyable reading community in our classrooms!

Reading Apps for home:
Little Stars ~ Word Wizard
Hooked on Phonics
Word Bingo

We will finish writing our own Halloween stories this week. Your writers have vivid imaginations! We are working on "hooking" our readers by using exciting beginnings to grab our readers' attention.

We are reviewing the writing process and making sure that capital letters are used only for the first word of a sentence and for proper nouns. Upper case letters should not be used within a sentence unless a proper noun is used. We are also working on punctuation at the end of our sentences. Students continue to write in their daily journals to practice these writing conventions.

Various Writing Activities   


Understanding Goal: What do we know about numbers and number sentences that can help us solve problems?

   In math this week we will review the similarities and differences of number lines and number grids, find patterns of numbers on these devices, make up and solve equations. Every Day Math HomeLinks will be coming home occasionally for additional practice at home. These homelinks should be returned to school the following morning. Please remember to also complete the Home Learning on TenMarks.

Everyday Mathematics Link for Parents
Math Fact Practice
Everyday Math Games for 1st Grade


 Important Dates:

October 31st- Halloween- 1/2 Day Dismissal 12:20 Parade begins at 10:45 AM; class parties will follow.

Field Trips:

Boschert/Dlugoss: Monday, November 3 @ 1:45
Herr/Stocker: Friday, November 7 @ 9:20
*Parents are welcome to meet us at the Nature Center.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Election Day. NO SCHOOL

Enjoy the fall weather!
First Grade Teachers