Dear Families,

As vacation rapidly approaches, the children are enthusiastic about their plans.  This is a great opportunity to encourage them to write about what they are going to do or what they want to do.  Have them keep a journal or writing paper in a folder for these teachable writing moments.  Your little author is learning and growing each day!

Please have your children continue reading daily over vacation!!  


Vocabulary  Review!  This week and over vacation is a great opportunity to review all of the Word Family chunks we have learned so far this year.  Additionally, we will be learning the spelling of high frequency words such as: now, people, my, made, over.Use the website Spelling City (see below) to create a spelling test for the first 45 word wall words (pick only 20) listed in the Bee Book to see what words your child still needs to practice. (Some recommendations are the following that are still challenging for many students: which, there vs. their, what, were, when, & said).
Spelling City
Practice making blends
Word Family Sort ~ practice sorting short a, short i, and short e word families. Be sure to READ the words!
Word Wheels ~ challenge yourself by reading a clue and stopping the wheel to make a word that matches the clue. 

Reader's Workshop 

We are continue to work on retelling.  The students will work on retelling using story elements (setting, character, problem/solution, and ending) and important details IN SEQUENCE.  This is an important, yet difficult, concept for children.  We encourage you to work on this at home with your child.  When you are finished reading, ask your child to retell the story.  Help them use transitional words such as "first, second, third..." etc. or "first, next, then, finally..." The goal of this unit it to help the children monitor their reading and enhance comprehension.
Please remember to read with your child daily for at least 15-20 minutes!   

Reading Apps for home:
Little Stars ~ Word Wizard
Hooked on Phonics
Word Bingo

This week the students are writing "How-To" books.  Students continue to write in their daily journals to practice writing conventions. 

Various Writing Activities   


We are beginning a new unit on graphing this week.  The children will be focusing on interpreting data.   

Everyday Mathematics Link for Parents

Math Fact Practice
Everyday Math Games for 1st Grade

Home Learning  We are continuing to assign TenMarks math practice at home. Many families have asked for additional practice.  We have added these and extended the due date.  Please have your child sign in two times per week. This way, the assignment will not be overwhelming and can be finished even though your families are so busy!  Also, if your child finishes all of the assignments and is looking for additional practice, the Jam Sessions on TenMarks are engaging and beneficial.  

Please remember that students should log on to RazKids at least two times per week. Your child's log-in information is taped to the inside cover of their BEE book.  This is excellent practice that will enhance your child's reading experiences. Enjoy!  In addition to RazKids, continue to have your child read the book he/she brings home in his/her Bee Book each night. 

Online Subscription: BrainPop Jr.- we use this website a lot in our classrooms.  
login: bloomfieldhills
password: bhsd

 Important Dates:

Winter Parties are this week!  The following are the dates/times for your child's teacher.

Mrs. Stocker - Thursday, Dec. 18 from 10:50-11:50
Mrs. Herr- Thursday, Dec. 18 from 9:30-10:50
Mrs. Boschert - Friday, Dec. 19 from 12:00 - 1:15
Mrs. Dlugoss- Thursday, Dec. 18th from 10:00-11:15