Dear Families,

Happy Fall!  We hope everyone had a great weekend. 

*** Tuesday is Picture Day!

It was a pleasure meeting with all of  you last week during our intake conferences.  We are eager to learn with our children this year. First grade is truly a magical year!  We look forward to a wonderful week ahead!

The children are beginning to get into a routine with remembering to bring their BEE books to and from school every single day.

 **** Starting this week your child will be bringing home a book at their independent level to be read at home.  Your child should return their book each day in order to receive a new one.  We thank you for supporting your growing reader.  Please remember to check out the hand out in your child's BEE book for questions and tips you could be using while reading with your super reader!

We hope everyone had a chance to go onto Raz-Kids over the weekend!

On Raz-Kids your child has access to hundreds of eBooks.  They can read, listen to, and even self-record reading these books.  There is even reading comprehension quizzes along the way to show the progress of your child.  Your child's log-in information is taped to the inside cover of their BEE book.  Enjoy!  

Book orders came home last week.  You can easily shop online at and enter your teacher's one time class activation code.  All book orders will be shipped to our classrooms.  

Vocabulary  This week we will be investigating the rimes; ack,and ap.  We will be reviewing the rimes; am and ad. The children are doing a wonderful job of making connections to our weekly word family and their environment.  They are noticing these chunks in their daily reading and writing.  
Spelling City
Practice making blends

Reader's Workshop 

Please remember to read with your child daily for at least 15-20 minutes!   Today your child will be bringing home their first "just right" book to read to you.  Please read the book with your child and return it tomorrow for a new book.  

This week your reader will have the opportunity to practice "shopping" for just right books.  We will also be working on incorporating what our readers should be doing during our individual reading conferences.  

We have worked hard on building a safe and enjoyable reading community in our classrooms!

Reading Apps for home:
Little Stars ~ Word Wizard
Hooked on Phonics
Word Bingo

This week during Writer's Workshop our writers will be working on planning and rehearsing their small moment stories.  They will be gathering their story ideas and learning how to think about what small moment they want to share.  

We will be reviewing the writing process steps to help get them started.   They will have the opportunity to use various writing plans to assist them in getting their ideas organized before they begin their masterpiece.

We are getting ready to finish up our September writing journal.  The children have been doing a wonderful job stretching out their writing and adding support to their thinking.  We have enjoyed reading about what they like, things they did over the weekend, and what mom and dad are doing! :)  We have some amazing writers already!

Various Writing Activities   


Understanding Goal: How does finding number patterns help with counting and computation?

   In math this week we will be focusing on number stories.  Our mathematicians have their own Math Thinking Journals.   They have all been writing their own number model stories in their journals.  This week they will have the opportunity to share their thinking and see if their math partner can solve their story.  

Everyday Mathematics Link for Parents
Math Fact Practice
Everyday Math Games for 1st Grade


 Important Dates:

September 23 ~ Picture Day
September 25 ~ Rosh Hashanah/No School

Enjoy the nice weather,
First Grade Teachers