Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break with their families.  We missed your children and are eager to get back into the swing of things. 

The children did a fabulous job being flexible yesterday with the power outage.  They never even skipped a beat.  We had a blast writing in the dark!  It definitely put a creative spin on our writing. 

If you have not signed up for conferences please do so ASAP.  Conferences are this week and next week.  We look forward to showing you all the fabulous growth and progress your child has made this year. Please sign up for conferences by clicking on the link to your child's teacher on the left.

    Please read the bold, red print below in each section for at home learning opportunities.

You child has new spelling words for the next two weeks. Their spelling try will be Friday, April 25th. 
Please continue to sort, spell, and practice words in context.  We are noticing that many of the children are not cutting and sorting their words.  This is an important process because it helps the children see the spelling patterns of many words. Over the next two weeks we would love for you to try Spelling City with your speller. Please click on the website below.  Happy Spelling!

Practice Digraphs - sh, ch, th
Spelling City
Practice making blends

Daily 5 

During our Language Arts block, the children are:
~reading to a partner
~listening to a book on tape
~writing ( we have incorporated new writing folders)
~working on spelling words- "ed" sounds
~reading to self
~meeting with the teacher.

During Reader's Workshop we will continue to study Non-Fiction texts. 
At home, have your reader:

    * Read non-fiction books ~ Check out the Reading Passages site below to print non-fiction text at your child's level. 

Reading Apps for home:
Simplex Spelling with Reverse Phonics: lite (free)
Word Wizard 
iSpy Phonics


Starfall Reading Practice
Phonics Games
Reading Passages ~ sign up for free and search for non-fiction passages to print and read.


This week and next week we will begin our immersion phase for writing Informational Books.  We will begin by studying mentor texts.  Then as writers we will select things we know all about that we can teach others.  We will then begin to plan and write our information in an organized way. 

Various Writing Activities   


This week we will begin unit 8 in math.  We will be focusing on mental arithmetic, money,place value, and fractions. 
Some new vocabulary terms you should be discussing at home:

equal parts
fractional part

*** New TenMarks assignments have been added... They will be open until the end of the year! 

Challenge Opportunities:
Children can determine an unknown number by using clues that describe its digits.
Children write missing relation symbols and numbers in number models.
Children practice skip counting i.e counting by 10s beginning with 23.
Children use cubes and a pan balance to write relation number models.
Children compare the values of sets of coins.
Children roll a die and graph their results.
Everyday Mathematics Link for Parents
Math Fact Practice
Everyday Math Games for 1st Grade
Xtra Math
What's My Rule?
Measuring with a Ruler
Telling Time
Attribute Game



 Important Dates:
April 18th- No School Good Friday

First Grade Teachers