Thank you to all the parents who attended our 'Magic of Reading' exhibition and for the wonderful feedback. The children really did feel like STARS that day. Of course, the magic wouldn't have happened without your support!

As the snow disappears, it feels like classroom supplies are vanishing quickly, as well. We are in desperate need of Clorox wipes and crayons. Also, many children have lost their scissors.

March is National Reading Month! Now you have a chance to show off your reading skills by being a Mystery Reader in your child's classroom. Sign up by clicking on your child's teacher in the list to the left.  Then email your child's teacher 3 clues before your arrival day. (Mrs. Stocker's class may email her to set up a date and time.)

Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up the week of April 20th. Sign-ups are under your child's teacher in the list to the left of this page. We look forward to sharing your child's growth!


We are beginning our unit on matter by discussing the attributes of a solid, liquid, and gas. The children will be participating in the scientific process while performing various experiments this week. We want your learner to understand: How do attributes help us understand matter?

As a culminating activity for our unit on matter, the children will be using reusable materials to make a boat float in water. We will be testing our creations on Earth Day to celebrate our part in making the Earth a better place. Classrooms will need the following reusable items for construction:
grocery bags
bubble wrap
packing peanuts
toilet paper rolls
paper towel rolls
empty shoe boxes
bottle caps


In Vocabulary, we continue to study long vowel spelling patterns. We are exploring the '-ee' and '-ea' word families. Poems with some words of these chunks will come home today. Please read the poems with your children and generate other words they may know that have the same rimes. This week we will practice: why, word, where, one, two. 

Spelling City
Word Family Sort ~ practice sorting short vowel word families. Be sure to READ the words!
Word Wheels ~ challenge yourself by reading a clue and stopping the wheel to make a word that matches the clue.
Gamequarium ~ several long vowel games  

Reader's Workshop  
This week we will continue our study of non-fiction text. We are comparing non-fiction to fiction text and pointing to text features, noticing that fiction texts do not have these ~ headings, captions, maps, charts, diagrams, bold print, glossary, and index. We are learning that in fiction we read from beginning to end, but we can read non-fiction texts in parts for specific purposes. Your readers are using text features and organizational structures to help them understand non-fiction. Help your child choose non-fiction text at home to read.
Thank you for helping your child fill out his/her reading log. If we achieve our goal of 6,000 minutes by March 27, we will have a Read-In on Thursday, April 2. Your child is bringing home his/her last reading log. Please help your child graph the number of minutes read each day. On Sunday, PLEASE total the number of minutes read and return the log to school on Monday. Happy Reading!

Various Writing Activities   


We continue our unit on geometric shapes, patterns, and attributes. Ask your child to tell you what the word attribute means. This week students will divide regions into equal parts and be introduced to fractions.

Please remember to have your child do XtraMath at home!
Everyday Mathematics Link for Parents

Math Fact Practice
Everyday Math Games for 1st Grade
2-D Shapes Game ~ match the 2-D shape to its name
Polygon or Not ~ decide whether a shape is a polygon

Home Learning  We are continuing to assign TenMarks math practice at home. Many families have asked for additional practice.  We have added these and extended the due date.  Please have your child sign in two times per week. This way, the assignment will not be overwhelming and can be finished even though your families are so busy!  Also, if your child finishes all of the assignments and is looking for additional practice, the Jam Sessions on TenMarks are engaging and beneficial.  

Please remember that students should log on to RazKids at least two times per week. Your child's log-in information is taped to the inside cover of their BEE book.  This is excellent practice that will enhance your child's reading experiences. Enjoy!  In addition to RazKids, continue to have your child read the book he/she brings home in his/her Bee Book each night. 

Online Subscription: BrainPop Jr.- we use this website a lot in our classrooms.  
login: bloomfieldhills
password: bhsd

 Important Dates:

Thursday, April 2 ~ 1/2 day
Friday, April 3-10 ~ Spring Break
Week of April 20 ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences