Yellow emergency cards for next year are being sent home today. Please complete both sides and return to school Monday, June 1, 2015.

We hope you all enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend! We're down to the last stretch now! Please look around your homes for any books that may belong to our classrooms or our school library and return them ASAP. We need to have them all accounted for before the end of school!


This week we will begin our exploration of severe weather. Children will share their questions and wonders as we discover the conditions that are present to cause thunder and lightening, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and hail storms. We will be discussing ways to keep safe during severe weather, and why we practice certain drills at school.



This week we will be exploring the -all word family.A new poem will be sent home today. Please talk with your child about other words that share this spelling pattern and have them locate some in the books they read each night. 

Spelling City

Word Family Sort ~ practice sorting short vowel word families. Be sure to READ the words!
Word Wheels ~ challenge yourself by reading a clue and stopping the wheel to make a word that matches the clue.
Gamequarium ~ several long vowel games  

Reader's Workshop  
This week we will continue our study of Persuasive literature. Students will discover characteristics and techniques of effective opinion letters to better understand persuasion. This ties in beautifully with our Writer's Workshop this week.

Writer's Workshop 
Students will continue working on a rough draft for their opinion writing pieces. Writers will be asked to see the world as it is and make suggestions. Their purpose is to persuade their reading audience to the writer's way of thinking. 

Various Writing Activities   


 Children must be exposed to many concepts and skills many times, in many ways, before they attain mastery and command of those skills. In math this week we will review the concepts and skills we have covered this year. We will be counting coins, making change, reviewing geometric shapes and their attributes, completing number grids, discussing place value, and reading thermometers.
There are time math games in the links below.

Please remember to have your child do XtraMath at home!

Everyday Mathematics Link for Parents

Math Fact Practice
Everyday Math Games for 1st Grade
Stop the Clock
Learn to Tell Time ~ choose the analog clock

Parent technology survey is coming home today! Please take a moment to complete the technology survey and return to school as soon as possible. These can be answered anonymously so please be honest! 

Home Learning
We are continuing to assign TenMarks math practice at home. Many families have asked for additional practice.  We have added these and extended the due date.  Please have your child sign in two times per week. This way, the assignment will not be overwhelming and can be finished even though your families are so busy!  Also, if your child finishes all of the assignments and is looking for additional practice, the Jam Sessions on TenMarks are engaging and beneficial.  

Please remember that students should log on to RazKids at least two times per week. Your child's log-in information is taped to the inside cover of their BEE book.  This is excellent practice that will enhance your child's reading experiences. Enjoy!  In addition to RazKids, continue to have your child read the book he/she brings home in his/her Bee Book each night. 

Online Subscription: BrainPop Jr.- we use this website a lot in our classrooms.  
login: bloomfieldhills
password: bhsd

 Important Dates:

May 29- Field Day- our color is orange

1st Grade NWEA testing dates: The  purpose of us giving you these dates ahead of time is so you can try to avoid making appointments or being absent on these days.  We thank you in advance!


May 27 ~ 12:30-1:15 * note time change
May 28 ~ 12:30-1:15

May 27 ~ 2:40-3:20 * note time change
June 1 ~ 2:45-3:15

May 26 ~ 12:30-1:15
June 1 ~ 2:10-2:40

May 28 ~ 11:00-11:45
June 1 ~ 12:30-1:00