Reading Assignments

We are officially done with DLR! Next week we will continue to compare fairy
tales and work on plays that retell familiar fairy tales in a unique way.

DLR this week. We are also reading folk tales and fairy tales. In addition, we
are practicing for our 
Author Recognition on May 23 at 12:45. You are invited - mark your calendars.
Invitations went home 
one week ago.

4/30 - 5/4
DLR this week. We are also working on debate and the use of technology. Game
day will be next 
Friday. Kids may bring in handheld devices. 

MCA in reading is on 4/19. There is a DLR. We continue to work on elements of
literature. We are working on character traits by reading two stories and
comparing. Students also should be working on completing study island in
reading by Wednesday. Time has been given in class each day for this task. If
students do not meet, a lesson, or small group session is given to students
needing support. There will be spelling this week to.

DLR this week. We will work with point of view and characterization. We will
also continue to prepare for the MCA to be taken April 19. 

We will start a new short story and use our interactive reader focusing on
point of view. We are also continuing to prepare for the MCA on April 19. No
DLR this week. Also, no spelling. 


Children's book order forms and completed books due on Monday. Students
received a form, envelope, brought home their book and have a short note for
parents explaining what is due and when. We are done working on the book in
class. We are analyzing poetry. Poet Idol will be next Friday in our
classroom. Students have selected a poem and are working on memorizing a
presentation of the poem that is fluent, expressive, and creative. Students
are evaluated on their presentation. Finals will be the week before spring
break. The is also a DLR.

There is a DLR. We will continue illustrating our books. After this week no
more class time will be given. Students will need to finish their work at
home. A poem for The Color of My Words is due on Monday. We will be word
processing this. It was assigned last Thursday. A sheet giving expectations
was handed out. We will continue to work in wordwise and for reading we will
start poetry.

There will be a DLR next week. We have been working on printing our children's
books in class and illustrating. More information about how to order more
copies will be coming home the end of March. For reading we will continue to
work on study island as we prepare for the MCA in Reading. We are also
finishing up with The Color of my Words which will lead us into appreciating
poetry and "Poet Idol." 

2/20 - 2/24
No DLR this week again. Students should have brought home a pink half sheet to
parents explaining the final edit on their book. Please sign that you have
read through their story with them. We will be printing the story on the real
book pages on Tuesday, with a parent signature. We are also working on the
illustration process. Today (Friday) students illustrated the first page of
their story. I plan to use 45 minutes per day of class time to illustrate.
Students have not yet learned how to use their time at school to get their
work done. I don't want this project to be work that has to be finished at
home, but if students do not use their time in school, no more time will be
given. Next week we will continue to read The Color of my Words and journal,
in addition to finishing one illustration per day and printing off our
children's book. Mid-quarter is also next week (already!) and parent-teacher
conferences. Notices were sent home with your child confirming your conference

There is NO DLR this week. Students will continue to work in their interactive
reader understanding main idea and supporting details. In addition students
will be working on writing their book. I had to revise the schedule. Final
book copies due new Tuesday. I am hoping that will give parents the weekend to
help their student do a final edit. In class we will be working on making our
books as near error free as possible!  

Conferences are next week: Check the schedule below for your time.
Confirmations were sent home on Wednesday, 2/15.

February 23
3:30 Hana R.
3:45 Christopher C.
4:00 Taylor S.
4:15 – Jenna A. (Dane)
4:30 - open
4:45 Jessie C.
5:00 Jenna A. (Ron & Brenda)
5:15 Nik H.
5:30 – Grace J. 
5:45 Tanner P.
6:00 Tyler H.
6:15 – Emily P.
6:30 – KayLee L.
6:45 – Weston S.
7:00 Alex B. (Craig)

March 1
3:30 – McKenna E.
3:45 – open
4:15 – open
4:30 Matt K.
4:45 – open
5:00 – open
5:15 – Megan P.
5:30 Marlee L.
5:45 – open
6:00 – open
6:15 open
6:30 – Cameron F.
6:45 – open
7:00 – open


2/6 -2/10
There is a DLR this week. Students are typing their children's book in school
as much as possible. We are typing using google docs to start so if students
need to compose at home they can. A calendar of due dates is off to the left
of this page. In addition we are finishing up in our interactive readers, and
then will begin a novel called The Color of my Words. It is a busy time!

There is a DLR this week. Students will have children's book writing contract
due on Friday. We discussed this in class. On Thursday we will have a writer's
workshop all afternoon and begin the drafting of our children's book on Friday
morning. For reading we will be reading Nadia the Willful in our interactive
reader this week.

We are taking a break from DLR this week. We will continue to work in our
interactive reader finishing up with SuperCroc. Students were to work on the
story last Friday, it is due on Tuesday. We will also start working on our
word study in our wordwise booklets.

There is a DLR this week. This week we will be introducing book clubs for the
first time this year. Students will be assigned to a small group and enjoy
reading and discussing the book. Assignments will vary by book club group. In
addition we will continue working in our interactive reader understanding how
to work with expository text. In class we talked briefly about an upcoming
children's book writing project and students were encouraged to purchase
colored pencils for this project if they don't already have some. We won't
begin illustrating until February. 

There is a DLR this week. We will be working in our interactive reader
understanding parts of expository or non-fiction text by reading "Super-Croc."
We will have an author visit on Thursday, January 12. Students were given the
opportunity to purchase books before winter break. We will have NWEA testing
for reading on Friday, January 13. In addition we have started keyboarding
assessments and study island (in preparation for the MCA in April).

There is a DLR. We will begin reading memoirs, biographies. Some of our
stories will be in our interactive reader so students can interact with the text. 
There is a DLR this week. We are still reading about the adventures of
Shackleton. Make sure to ask your child about how the journey at the bottom of
the world is going each day. All reading is done in class and most journaling
is done in class.  We will have art on Wednesday.

12/5 - 12/9
There is a DLR this week. We are also continuing to read from Shackleton and
journal our thoughts as we journey through Antarctica. Wednesday is the sixth
grade music concert in the afternoon with practice taking place that morning.
We also have art on Thursday morning. 

No DLR or Spelling this week. Our time is interrupted with art on both Monday
and Friday and we wouldn't be able to get it all in. We will begin reading a
new adventure titled Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World. We will work on
reading this book in class together and then use creative writing to express
our thoughts about survival in Antarctica. Perfect for this time of year!
Famous person projects are done. For those who finished on time they are
graded and available on Skyward. If your child does not have a grade it is
because they were not done. The websites are beautiful and packed full of
relevant information! 

11/14 - 11/18
Monday we will begin making our famous person website. Students must have
their outline and topic sentences done in order to begin making the website.
Without that information, they will not have in mind what to write. We will be
designing one page per 45 minute computer lab time slot. There are five topics
so we should be able to create our website comfortably in five days. There is
also a DLR this week. We are reading to school readiness friends on Wednesday.
A coat/jacket and shoes are necessary for the cold walk over to the primary

11/7 - 11/11
Monday is a teacher work day - no school. No DLR it is a short week. We will
have spelling however. We will continue researching our famous person through
Wednesday. Thursday we will sift through our notes and begin topic sentences,
Friday we will begin drafting our paragraphs. In general, students will have
one paragraph per topic. Students may have to do additional searching at home
as some students are not using their 45 minutes in class wisely. Three
different resources are the minimum.

10/24 - 10/28
This week we will be finishing up reading The School Play and understanding
connotations and denotations. We will also start another story titled Lob's
Girl. In addition we have started preliminary research for our famous person.
The first assignment is due on Tuesday. Students were given one hour in class
to find three interesting people and write down three facts that made them
famous. About one-half the class finished in school, the remaining half will
have to finish at home. We will also be looking at what makes a good resource.
We will be meeting with the media specialist on Monday October 31 to go over
how to best research our famous person. For the most part this project will be
completed in school. In the rare occasion when a student is absent they may be
required to complete some research at home.

10/17 -10/19
NO DLR this week. It is short week. Students will be released early on
Wednesday. There is no school Thursday or Friday. For our reading assignment
we will be finishing activities related to All Summer in a Day by Ray
Bradbury. Students were given an inference worksheet and discussion worksheet
last Thursday to go along with the story. If they didn't finish in class on
Thursday, they had an opportunity to work on it after returning from the field
trip on Friday, or they could take home their book and finish it over the

10/3 - 10/7
There is a DLR this week. We will be reading a story called The Good Deed. We
will discuss the importance of first impressions along with the theme of
friendship. Our standards focus will be upon the conflict of the story and
understanding internal versus external conflict. We will be reading the story
in class together and completing assignments in class.

9/26 - 9/30

We will be finishing up Our Sixth Grade Sugar Babies by Wednesday. We have
been reading two chapters per day. We have made every attempt to finish the
reading in class. As a culminating activity students will be taking a test and
then writing a book review. We then will move on to reading a story called The
School Play in our interactive reader and writer. I continue to complete
informal assessments to gather information to share at conference and develop
an education plan to meet your child's needs in reading. Students also will
have a DLR this week.

9/19 - 9/23
DLR this week and we are starting spelling.
We will also be reading a story called The School Play.
Students have one more week to present their name art along with a song that
best represents them. We have talked in detail about what the music is all
about. Students also have been using technology to blog about their Sugar Baby

On Tuesday we will be part of a power presentation called "Rachel's
Challenge." Rachel was the first girl killed in the Columbine Shooting and her
family is sharing her legacy of kindness,compassion and acceptance of others
with the world. Looking forward to everyone accepting her challenge for us to
do the same.

9/7 -9/10
WEB activities in the morning the first day of school. Getting to know you
activities in the afternoon. Assigned name art project. By next Monday 9/12,
you will be signed up for a presentation time and have a song that represents 
you.  This song must be on a CD. You will present your name art along with
your song on the day you signed up for. You will need a 4-5 pound of sugar 
for our engage project for reading our novel "Our Sixth Grade Sugar Babies."
You will need the bag of sugar by 9/13. I will provide you many more details
about this project in class.

Picture day is September 19.