Five different spelling programs are typically used in my classroom.  Each has a specific purpose for each student and their particular needs.  Based on this a program is determined best for each child. 

Stetson Spelling Program (Sight Word Spelling)

3 Step Drill
1. Self Corrected Test (give test to student) then say the word letter by letter and make them correct the test
2. Spelling Drill-say word, spell word in parts-spell whole word aloud
3. 3SW Review (See, Say, Spell-write it)
4. Post Test

VoWac Spelling Program
1. Students are given word and sentence list that they 'clover mark' and learn phonetic spelling rules
2. Practice the words each day at home (and school if there is a need)
3. Thursday words are tested
4. Friday sentences are tested

Reading Milestones
Students use this program along with the Reading Milestones reading program
1. Students identify new words-read them aloud and then in a story
2. Students write words and practice them 2 to 3 times
3. An activity using the words is completed
4. A final test is given once the practice and worksheets are complete
*this program goes by stories, not by weeks

Words Their Way
These are word sorts for within word pattern spellers
This series is for ages 6-12 years (grades 1-4)
-sort pictures to contrast long and short vowels
-use word sorts to examine long-vowel patterns
-collect words in word-study notebooks
-sort words by grammatic and semantic features
-conduct word hunts for specific long-and complex-vowel patterns
-play board games to contrast r-influenced vowels

Instant Spelling Words for Writing
This program is designed to use words that are used frequently during writing. 
See the Word
Say the Word Touch each letter and say its name
Cover the Word
Write the word
Check the word. Touch each letter and say its name.

Wonders McGraw-Hill Reading (from the general education classroom)
These are words that are used in the general education setting from the curriculum in the classroom. 
There are usually 20 new words and 5 review words

Try www.spellingcity.com for a great way to study!
Repetition is also key