NAME: Peg Rinkenberger

SCHOOL: Morris Area High School

CLASS: Civics, U.S. History, College Psychology, Turbulent Sixties

SCHOOL PHONE: 320-589-4400 ext. 2123

About The Teacher

I began teaching in Morris in 1992. My degrees include a BA from UMM in 
sociology and secondary education with a focus on the socil studies.  My 
Masters was earned from St. Scholastica out of Duluth.

My husband, Dave, is from Morris.  I am a transplant to the area.  It was 
through my college experience in Morris that I came to live here 
permanently.  We have two children who currently go to school in the Morris 
district.  Jason is in the 9th grade and Travis is in the 12th.

This will be my fifth year as the student council advisor.  Last year our 
student council received the Student Council of the Year Award for the second 
year running.  We are very proud of our work and our accomplishments.

Contact Information:
Email: prinkenb@morris.k12.mn.us or rink@mchsi.com
	School Phone: 320-589-4400 ext. 2123
	Cellphone: 320-287-1697
	Facebook: Peg Rinkenberger

Mission For Teaching

Helping to allow students to better understand their world in order to 
participate actively within it is definitely the reason I teach.