About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Karen Lenn

SCHOOL: Pine Island Elementary School

CLASS: 2nd Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 356-8581 Ext. 145

About The Teacher

This is my fourth year as a second grade teacher, having taught 
third grade before that. I live in Pine Island with my husband, Greg, and our 
daughter, Sarah. Greg is also a 2nd grade teacher (in Prescott, Wisconsin) 
and Sarah is a senior this year in Pine Island.  We enjoy lots of family time 
together, taking in Sarah's many school activities as well as traveling, 
playing games at home and generally having fun!

Mission For The Class

 We will:
* Respect others
* Be kind
* Follow directions
* Listen to learn

These things will help each person become the best learner they can be and 
will help us have a classroom community of caring and pride.