The results from fitness testing in Physical Education will be sent home with 
your child this week.  They should bring home a printed page that 
says 'FITNESS GRAM' at the top.  The paper will show results from an aerobic 
capacity test (pacer), abdominal (sit-ups), upper body (push-ups), and 
flexibility (sit-and-reach).  

Please Note:  The aerobic capacity test (pacer), shows up as an 'Incomplete' 
for all students.  This test was administered, so please talk with your child 
about the number of laps they achieved.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working to resolve this issue. 


Yesterday, your son/daughter should have brought home a letter to inform you 
of our Abstinence Education unit starting next Monday, November 11th and 
ending on November 22nd.
Please return the form signed if you wish that your child NOT participate in 
the unit.  We will assign an alternative health assignment during the two 
weeks we are in the classroom should you choose for your child not to 
participate.  Students will not be required to dress out during this time, 
but will have a workbook that consists of daily homework assignments.  The 
homework will be worth a major part of the grade during the unit.  It 
requires conversations between you and your child, so your help in getting 
the homework completed is greatly appreciated!

The letter that was sent home provides a detailed explanation of the unit.  
It is posted under our PHYSICAL EDUCATION / HEALTH LINKS tab.  We also have 
extra copies should you need one.

Thank you,

Junior High Physical Education / Health Staff

The Junior High Physical Education classes have plans to be outside for the 
Fall.  Since the weather can fluctuate at any time during the day, we are 
encouraging our students to keep the following items in their P.E. lockers: 

*Wind Pants or Sweat Pants 
*Long Sleeve T-Shirt or Sweatshirt 

Please note that if a student chooses to wear the above items, they still 
MUST dress out in their regulary PE uniform.  (See policy)

Colors do not matter on the above items, but the clothes should not be 
what they intend to wear to school that day.

Thank you,
The Junior High Physical Education Staff

Before students can tryout for any sport, they must have:
*Physical on file with the office
*Insurance/Parental consent form on file with the office
*Drug Form must be on file with the office
Contact the coach/coordinator for more information

Welcome Back Students!!!  We look forward to a great and fun year in Physical 
Education!!! We have a lot of fun in class and learn new games and lifetime 

Students, make sure you have your red/gray PE uniform, clean tennis shoes 
that tie, and clean athletic socks.  Socks cannot be silly or distracting. 
If you ordered a PE uniform last year, they should 
be here by the first day of school. There are extra's if you need to order 

New Addition to Policy!!!
Another option for your child to make up their points for being absent... 
Your child may come in the gym and walk in the mornings from 7:30a-7:55a.  It 
is vital that the students arrive on time so that they can receive their 
points.  Doing a packet/worksheet is also an option. See your teacher to set 
up the time to walk or get the written assignment.