Birthday Book Donation Club

    Windsor Elementary Library has a special way that you, grandparents, or 
loved ones can celebrate your child's birthday.  

   This is how it works:
*  A birthday greeting is sent home on the first day of their birthday month.
*  You may decide to participate or not; it's optional.
*  You send in $15.00 and your child gets to choose from a number of new 
   books that have never been on our library shelves!
*  Next, they fill out a nameplate that will have their name, the date 
   donated (for example, this books is donated by.... on their 10th birthday!
   Special stickers go on the spine of the book too!  It's neat!
*  There's more!  We take a picture of them which will be displayed on the Birthday
    Book Club continuous photo frame in the library!
*  Your child will be the FIRST to checkout their birthday book. 
*  Many students for years to come will checkout this book and know that
   your child donated it to our library!  (Kids love it when someone tells
   them, "Hey, I checked out your birthday book and it was great!")
*  If you would prefer to purchase your birthday book on your own we do
   have some guidelines:  The book must be a hardback, brand new and on a
   child's (K-6th grade) reading level.  If you have any questions about the
   book you have chosen just ask us!

By participating in the BIRTHDAY BOOK DONATION CLUB your gift becomes a 
powerful reminder of two highly valued components of Windsor Elementary