Educational Yet Fun Websites

These are some of the fun websites that our students have used during lab 
visits or during their XYZ schedule.

This is geared toward K-2 grade levels.  It is full of phonics, 
holidays, animations, and book that are read aloud.

All grade levels.  Games and printable worksheets for spelling 
word practice.
Spelling City

All grade levels.  Research all types of information.
Fact Monster

Scroll down to the Fact Monster Hunts.  These are great webquests 
that use the fact monster site for answers. Hunts are for various 
subjects and holidays.
Education World

All grades.  Contains games for students that are leveled.
Read, Write, and Think

All grades.  Games with all subjects involved.
Mr. Nussbaum

All grades.  Lots of fun games but make sure you choose a subject 
arcade, not just arcade or it will be just plain ole arcade games 
with no educational value.

Leveled for grades 4th-6th.  Science topic games.

All grades.  Full of math games.
Math Playground

All grades.  Sifts through websites on the internet to help 
students find sites that are grade level appropriate for their 
topic of interest.
Fact Hound

All grades.  This is our research database provided by our 
school.  It is an excellent tool.  Login is:  morenethc   
Password is:  windsornet
Kids Info Bits

All grades.  Math games for all operations.
Kids Numbers

Grades 4th-6th.  Lots of educational games.  Click on the"Free 
Stuff" box first.
Brain Pop 

Grades K-3.  Lots of educational games.  Click on the "Free 
Stuff" box first.
Brain Pop Junior

News articles geared for kids.
Tween Tribune

More than just math games!  It has lots of fun games!!
Cool Math Games and MORE!!

Learning to read can be easy and FUN!
Reading Eggs

Free games that make learning FUN!