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Daily Five

The Daily Five
by "The Sisters" - Gail Boushey and Joan Moser

Read to Self
Read to Someone
Listen to Reading
Work on Writing
Work on Words

Our Daily 5 Choice Charts

Daily 5 Choice Cards

Students choose from the following choices each day:
    Read to Self
   Read to Someone
 Listen to Reading
       Work-on-Writing-folder.gif Work-on-Writing-pencil.gif Work on Writing
   Work on Words

           Work on Computer

I also place a Meet with Mrs. Bond card in a student's choice block when it's their turn for Reading Groups. This way they know that choice is taken. The first 5 choices are the Daily 5 standards; the other 3 are those I have added. At the beginning of the year students make 3 choices. At the end they are up to 4 since they are able to work faster. I group my students' desks by days of the week. Each day is another group's turn for working on the computer and listening to reading.  They are also allowed to use the bean bags on "their" day. It keeps things fair for everyone. Once this routine is established, things run very smoothly.

Daily 5 Pictures & Printables
All were created by me unless otherwise noted. Feel free to modify and print for your classroom!
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Listen to Reading
Read to Self - Each morning, students choose 3 "just-right" books from our Classroom Library and place them on their desks. This way they aren't wasting their Daily 5 reading time looking for books. I thought about having students choose books for the entire week on Mondays, but I found that students become bored with their earlier choices and then don't actually read during reading time.
Read to Someone -  Partners can choose 1-3 books from the partner reading basket and read together. They can either take turns reading page by page or book by book, depending on the length of the books.

Listening Station
Listen to Reading
- On each group's day, the students can either choose a book on tape or a personal Cd player and book to listen to and read along.

Work on Writing
Writing-Table-updated.JPG  Writing-Station-pocket-chart.JPG
Students choose something from the Writing Station pocket chart to work on. They can write at their desks or at this table. There are a variety of things for them to do. Look through the printable links below for some ideas. Students are always free to write in their journals as well.

Work on Words

AlphabetBoxes-contentslist.doc These are the little boxes with the blue latches.
The next shelf contains ABC/Spelling Tubs. Each tub has different alphabet manipulatives for the students to use for abc order, making names, and making our spelling words each week. I didn't write down what was in these, but off the top of my head, I remember: water bottle caps, milk caps, UpWords tiles, foam letters, foam puzzle pieces, alphabet bean bags, letter cards, and tabletop pocket chart cards.

3-drawer carts contain:
    1. Sorts                  4. Word Building
    2. Puzzles/Mats      5. Create a Word
  3. Games                 6. Write Words

More Work on Words activities

The multi-colored drawer units on the left are C-V-C Words
and Blends/Digraphs from Lakeshore.

The stack of white drawers hold sets of Alphabet magnets - 1 uppercase
and 1 lowercase in each drawer to use during Guided Reading.

The little white 5-drawer units house my Vowel Teaching Tubs.
One set is short vowels, the other is long vowels. There is a drawer for each sound.
I modeled these after the Tubs sold by Lakeshore Learning.

Here are the picture and word cards I made to put in the drawers:

       Here are some great ideas for things to use during Daily 5:
          Work on Computer


We have 2 student computers complete with headphones and Internet access. On each group's day of the week, they can do word work or reading/listening to reading on the computer.
The choices are:
Type spelling words in WORD
Go to SpellingCity.com
Go to Starfall.com
Go to Raz-Kids.com
Go to magickeys.com and listen to a story
I have all of the activities in a favorites folder marked "Daily 5" so the students can easily get to the activity on the computer. I also have many types of software that I intend to have the tech people install for 2010-2011.

Free Choice
On Fridays, students can make this one of their choices.
The choices are:
build with Magnetix, Legos, Trio, Lincoln Logs, KNex, blocks, wood blocks, play with car mat and cars, Dot paint, use Creation Station, use stamps/stencils, draw/ color



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