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Classroom Tour 2010-2013

Yea! I'm in the same room this year! Look below for a peek...
As you enter my room from the hallway....


Come on in and take a look around!
I hang seasonal wreaths on the white hook.
Scoops Reward Chart - students earn scoops for good
behavior/manners. When the chart is filled, we have a PARTY!
Students get to vote on the type of party we will have.


This will hang from the Command hook on our classroom door.

Here is a tour of my classroom from left of the doorway all the way around.


View of classroom from left


View of classroom in the middle

View of classroom in the middle - updated
(all of the misc. stuff in the back has been put away)


View of classroom on the right


Lunch Count/Attendance        Library Cards

The Library Cards chart has changed to a
Homework Punch Card chart. I  will add a picture soon!


Sink with drinking fountain and my fridge
On top of the fridge is an air purifier - our school received an asthma grant
that got these for all of our classrooms.


Left - Our reading bugs, each student has an incentive chart that tapes to a bug
Middle - class jobs (blue pocket chart). *Please see the list of jobs below. 
Star Student Behavior chart (green on top, yellow in middle, red on bottom). Students each have a magnetic star for the chart that can move up or down according to behavior throughout the day.
Student computers (not assembled yet - kind of a mess!), Bucket Fillers, Open House supply bins
Word Work bookshelf containing Alphabet sound boxes and Word Work/Spelling Tubs


Student Computer Area - all cleaned up and ready to go!
I added more Reading incentive bugs for the bigger class I'll have this year.
I reworked the class jobs chart. It now has all of the jobs on stickers. 
The cards are ready for names.
The space next to the Behavior chart will be for our weekly spelling words. 

2009-Buggy-About-Reading-chart.pdf  - incentive charts to put on ladybugs


Close up of student computers with "I Can" sign


New and improved Classroom Jobs chart

*We have 10 class jobs , so each student will have a job every other week.
Here is a list of our jobs and the responsibilities of each:
Teacher Assistant - runs errands and helps the teacher and is line leader
Electrician - "End Friend" and turns off lights when we leave the room
Librarian - takes care of classroom library
Girls' RR Inspector - Makes sure the girls are quiet/mannerly and clean in the RR
Boys' RR Inspector - Makes sure the boys are quiet/mannerly and clean in the RR
Supply Clerk - helps the T.A. pass out supplies/papers
Chef - Calls quiet students up for snack
Custodian - Inspects the room for cleanliness before we leave for the day
Recycler - helps student Custodian carry our classroom recycle box to the big bin
Substitute - fills in for a student who is gone


Close up of Star Student Behavior Chart
Each student will have a star with their name. Everyone starts the day on green.
If classroom/school rules are broken, students are given a warning. If a rule is broken again, they become a falling star and move to yellow. If a rule is broken a 3rd time, they move to red and have to fill out a behavior sheet during last recess which goes home and comes back signed by a parent.
Last year this only happened 1 time with 1 student. I hardly ever touched the chart. A student has the opportunity to move their star up after being moved down and taking the consequence.




Close up of Bucket Fillers sign


Bucket Fillers 
Pockets will be labeled with students names.
We will fill each other's buckets with pom poms when we do something
helpful or kind for someone in our room. When the bucket is full, each student will receive a sticker on a chart to commemorate their full bucket. At the end of the year, we'll have a bucket filling party!  For details, please visit the Bucket Fillers page.


Another view of the Word Work Shelf + my file cabinets
I reorganized (again!). Check out the finished version (I hope) pic below.


Baskets on top hold math and reading manipulatives that aren't used often.
Blue latch boxes are Alphabet Sound Boxes (see close-up pic below)
Green latch boxes hold spelling and ABC manipulatives.
Pink Sterilite drawers hold Word Work Activities (games, puzzles, etc.)
The pink baskets in the middle of the drawer units are EMPTY! I will fill
them with something later in the year as activities are introduced.


ABC sound boxes
These each contain 6 objects or pictures that begin with the letter on the box
plus an upper and lower case magnetic letter. The underside of the lids have
a list of all the contents so the students can match with words and also check
to be sure they've placed everything back into the box before putting it back.


This sign hangs above the file cabinets. 


My file cabinets
The one on the left holds:
top drawer - reading/writing resource books/files
2nd drawer - math/science files
3rd drawer - themes
4th drawer - word families
The one on the right holds misc. teaching stuff:
SMILE book materials, construction paper separated by color, Ziploc bags


Our "Kiss Your Brain" and "Star Jar" reward jars
I sometimes reward a student for great thinking with a Hershey's kiss from
the "Kiss Your Brain" jar. They LOVE this song from Dr. Jean!
At the end of each day, the student custodian inspects our classroom for
cleanliness. If the class gets a "thumbs up", then each student receives
a Starburst or Tootsie Roll candy from the "Star Jar".


My Teacher area
* bookshelf that houses curriculum binders, assessment binders,
teacher resource books, read alouds/theme-related books
* Sterilite storage drawers galore!
* Monthly theme/holiday teaching drawers
* baskets full of stuff
* teacher desk


Monthly Teaching Drawers
These are perpendicular to the left of my desk. They hold EVERYTHING holiday/theme-related that I need to teach each month. I made these in the summer of '09 and absolutely LOVE them!
The last set of drawers:
New Student - holds 2 of everything a student needs in my room, including math journal, poetry journal, SMILE Book supplies, School info. packet, name cards for charts, and desk tags. I learned the hard way that new students just pop in at any time with no notice and I need to be prepared. The first time this happened I was caught off guard and spent my entire plan time running around my room collecting all of these things for my new arrival. Now, I can just open the drawer and pull out everything I need in minutes.

Treasure Box
- this holds extras of all of the little goodies I keep on hand for my Treasure chest. When I need to replenish something, I just reach in and grab it.

Extras - this holds odds and ends of all kinds of things - pencils, craft items, stickers, erasers, little seasonal things...

The white baskets on top hold upcoming things to copy or that have been copied, miscellaneous papers/stuff, and my lost tooth/birthday stuff (tooth necklaces, birthday pencils, stickers, cards).


My Plan Book
This is a 3" 3-ring binder that stays on my desk. It is divided into sections for weekly plan pages, monthly activities, schedules, calendars, agendas, Common Core Standards, curriculum guides, etc. It keeps me all organized with everything in one place.

Paper Drawers
These hold all of the various kinds of writing paper we use throughout the year. They graduate in line size and spacing as the year progresses. I also keep journal covers in these, so all I need to do is grab a cover and the paper I want to make a new journal.

Teacher Stuff Storage
I have 2 Sterilite 3-drawer units stacked to hold various literacy and math extra manipulatives and various teaching supplies, such as file folders (as you can see from the pic ). I also have 1 copy of each journal that I make during the year.
There is a smaller 3-drawer unit on top that holds stamps and stamp pads, organized by theme, season, or holiday. I use these to stamp the kids' journals when they've completed a page. They love being surprised by which stamp they get each time. I try to keep things fresh by changing which stamp and which color stamp pad I use frequently. It makes things a little more fun!


The beginning of our Writing Table


Our Writing Table with all kinds of containers for supplies
The sign lists all of the things that good writers do.
Here is a link to print one: http://www.jmeacham.com/writers.workshop/writing.mini.lessons.htm
Scroll down to "frontloading" and click on "Writer's 'to do' checklist - full sheet"


I just found these cute smiley face containers at Target in the $1 aisle.
They will be great to hold special writing instruments at our writing table.

Student Reading Cubbies (in front of my teacher area)
Our 1st Grade team got these wonderful cubbies last year. This year, the plastic bins will hold each students' Dolch words and word practice items for them to work on during Reading Groups. The top slots will still house their Reading folders.

On top of the cubbies are some of my new creations and purchases.
On the left - 2 Word Work Centers from Lakeshore - 1 is a C-V-C center, the other is Blends and Digraphs. Each drawer contains word work cards and little foam letters to make words that are color-coded to each other and the drawers! (I  color coding!)
On top of those are empty Sterilite mini-drawer units - these have moved to the Writing Station table. Next to that is a stack of 6 Sterilite mini-drawers (2 units). These each hold an uppercase and lowercase set of magnetic letters for small group reading time. The students will use the letters to make words, work on word families, endings, blends, digraphs, etc.
Last are 2 Sterilite mini 5-drawer units that are vowel sound drawers. The first unit has short vowels, the second unit has long vowels. I have made picture cards for each drawer to correspond with the vowel sound, which students will say and match. I've also made word cards so they can match words and pictures. These are a modified version of Lakeshore's Vowel Sound Teaching Tubs. They are great, but EXPENSIVE, so I made my own; more work, but much more cost effective!
The tall units of drawers to the right on the end are my Featured Author Drawers. I started Author Studies at the end of 2010 and my kids LOVED them. Each drawer houses materials and books for each author I will cover.


close up of Featured Author drawers
Check out the Author Studies page for more information!

Small Group Area
My new and improved Guided Reading area!
I also plan to do some small group Guided Math here too this year.
On the left - I had a few shelves left over from my classroom library after replacing some cracked pieces, so I made a 3-tiered shelf to hold my small group games for literacy and math.

In the middle - my Guided Reading 7-drawer unit. The top four drawers each house 1 group's reading books and response sheets for the day. The last 3 drawers hold dry erase materials, magnets, and assessment/other materials. On top of the unit is my Royal Reading Crown (Yes! I wear this during Guided Reading.) It helps the kids not in my reading group remember what I'm doing at the table. How it is that they can forget I'm busy reading when I'm at the READING table, I don't know, but they do! The kids each have a paper crown to wear also, because we are all royal readers.
The polka-dotted case behind my crown holds all of my pencils, pens, stapler, response sheets, paper clips, tape, etc. Anything small I might need during small group time is in there.


Close up of reading crown and teacher supply case.


Leveled Library Cart
To the right - the awesome Leveled Library cart (our 1st grade team received these in 2009 - Love 'em!) Each bin holds a different level of books. I scoured my classroom last year looking for ANY books I could use in my Guided Reading groups. Look how many I found!!! I also purchased some specifically from Scholastic through the book clubs. It's great that many of the books in the orders are already leveled!!!!


These will sit on the reading table in the morning for students
to place money, notes and homework into. I found them at
Hobby Lobby in the summer clearance for $3.20 each!

Money-and-notes-letter-tray.JPG    Homework-letter-tray.JPG
Close up shots of the tray labels.


Pencil buckets
I sharpen pencils every few days and the kids trade in dull pencils
and replace them with sharpened ones. I've found they love to play
at the sharpener and grind down the pencils to nubs, so this
eliminates the problem. Also, they are not up at the sharpener all day!



new!!! Math Tubs
These 2 pictures show the new drawers to hold our math tubs. Each drawer has
an adhesive business card pocket to hold the business card labels. (Thanks Jessica
Meacham for this GREAT idea! http://www.jmeacham.com/math/math.tubs.htm) My daughter, Caitlyn, was in charge of placing all of the cards in the pockets and she did a fantastic job! (Thanks, honey!)

The bottom baskets held our monthly themed math stations.
They have moved to storage for now.


Reworked math tub drawers and math tubs
The bottom shelf holds patterning and counting manipulatives in small tubs.
The ice bins will hold manipulatives for games.

Here is a list of my math tub drawers for 1st quarter:


1. More or Less (Kidscount1234)

2. Math mats (Making Learning Fun)

3. Game boards – (The School Bell + Ready, Set, Roll! )

4. Count and Color (KidsCount1234)

5. Cross-Out (KidsCount1234)

6. Roll the Die (KidsCount1234)

7. Race to Trace (KidsCount1234)

8. What Did You Roll? (KidsCount1234)

9. What Comes Next? (Kidscount1234)

10. How Many? (JMeacham)

11. Number Writing (copied from book)


12. Connect 4 shapes game (JMeacham)

13. Spin a Shape (JMeacham)

14. Geoboard shapes (Geoboard book)

15.. Fill the Hexagon (KidsCount1234)

16. Pattern Block Pictures (Kelly's K.)

17. Playdough shapes, lines, loops (JMeacham)

18. Shapes dominoes (Enchanted Learning)

Links for the printables for most everything listed above:

Shari Sloane - Math centers/stations link 

Jessica Meacham - math tubs link

 Kelly's Kindergarten site with printable pattern block pictures



Kathy Gursky's printable game boards from Dolch Kit link

The crates on top hold file folder games (green), books on tape (blue) and magnetic letters, letter cards, and letter tiles (pink). To the right of the crates behind the kleenex box are my Daily 5 choice cards in the 8 cup holder. Please go to the Daily 5 page for more information. http://teacherweb.com/MO/MillsElementary/MrsBondsFantasticFirstGraders/apt12.aspx
The Creation Station (on the left in 1st pic)
This carpenter's bag holds junk mail envelopes, twisty
crayons, colored pencils, hole punch, glue, glue sticks,
scrapbooking scissors, regular scissors, scrap paper,
yarn, and various misc. scrap craft items.


Word Family drawers
Each drawer contains a card with the word family and several
foam squares with various onsets to make words. The card
in each drawer has a list on the back of all the words
that can be made for that Word Family so the students can
self-check. There is also a recording sheet to mark down the
words they make so that I can see what they do as well.


Word Family drawer contents example

   Math-Station.JPG        Math-Station-manipulatives.JPG 
Math Station
Here are the front and back sides of my Math Station.
The front (pic on left) holds math games and recording sheets. In the back (pic on right), I have a 24-pocket shoe organizer that holds all of the game pieces in labeled Ziploc bags for the game boards in the front of the stand. Most games only require playing cards, dice, or linking cubes. I also adapted other items to use such as magnetic numbers for Grab 'N Go games and milk or water bottle caps for Flip Your Lid games. The water bottles are "Shake and Share" bottles that hold dice. Please go to Shari Sloane's site and click on the math games/centers link for more information.


Top to bottom:
Pink bins hold all kinds of stuff (Ziploc bags, craft materials,
extra manipulatives)
Snap lock containers (on top of cubby) contain math manipulatives
Crates: green - file folder games
blue - extra books on tape
pink - magnetic letters, letter cards and tiles
Behind the crates are a container of magnetic linking letters
and various-sized cookie sheets for magnetic work.
Math tub drawers
Themed monthly math stations (these have moved now)
Daily 5 Choice cards and charts


close up of Daily 5 Choice Chart


Daily 5 Choice Cards

Listening Station
This chart holds books and tapes for kids to listen to reading during Daily 5. The bottom baskets each hold a portable cd player and headphones. Each group has a designated day to use these. They can grab a beanbag chair and go listen to books around the room. 


Writing Station pocket chart
This holds various writing activities for Daily 5 Work on Writing.


Student Cubbies
Each student has a cubby that holds their reading bin, pictionary, 
SMILE book, and papers/notes to go home.
Each cubby will be labeled with the students' names.


Promethean Board
(All of the excess clutter in the back by the board has been removed now. 


All of my misc. stuff has found a home.


Student desks are in the middle of the room.
I begin the year in rows like these, but then move them to groups of 4 or 5.
Each row/group is named a day of the week.
When it is that group's "day", they get to do everything first.
For example: On Monday, Monday's group gets to use the RR first,
line up first, pack first, etc.


Group name cards
I printed, laminated and attached magnets to the back of these.


6 Traits posters
You can print them from here: http://www.edina.k12.mn.us/concord/teacherlinks/sixtraits/posterspage.htm

I printed on cardstock and laminated for durability. 
I used to post these 1 at a time, but I realized
that we ended up talking about all of them around the
same time, so now they just all stay posted.


Daily Teaching drawers
These drawers hold all of the materials (copies, manipulatives, etc.)
for each day's teaching. It's wonderful to be able to open the drawer
and pull out what I need throughout the day. I make copies on Thursday
for the following week and then fill the drawers on Friday afternoon
before I leave for the weekend. When Monday morning comes,
I am ready to go for the week! I found this at Lowe's in the
storage/closet organization section. It is a seasonal item and
I'm not sure if they are still available. It was sold as a
child's clothing organizer.


My teacher computer with DVD/VCR player
A few times during the year we watch a movie on
the big screen of the Pro-Board. It's like a
movie theater. Of course, we HAVE to have popcorn!!!
(Wow! My basket looks messy! )


Easel with our Alphabet pocket chart
The kids LOVED pulling out the pictures and placing them in the pockets above.
I added a box with letter tiles later for them to spell the items in the pictures.
We will begin the year with this chart during our Daily 5 Work on Words choice.

The blue/green striped chair is our special reading chair.
Guest readers and birthday students get to sit in it.
We also use it to share our Bring Back Pack items for Show and Tell.


Word Family pocket chart
It came with beginning sound, picture, and rime cards.
The students will use this during their Daily 5 Work on Words choice.
It will replace the Alphabet Chart further into the year.
Both charts came from Oriental Trading.


Classroom Library
Science/Social Studies
Featured Author Shelf (In May, our author was Eric Carle)


Classroom Library and Word Wall
Our books are sorted by theme.
The stoplight is to show what voice level to use.
The green is inside voices, yellow is quiet voices, red is no talking.
I move the smiley face magnet up/down to indicate which level we're on.
The only time I use the "no talking" is during writing time. It stays on inside voices the rest of the time unless the class is too loud and then it moves to quiet voices.
The pointers sticking out of the shelf supports are shaped fly-swatters.
There are yellow sunshines, green butterflies, and orange/blue flowers.

 Word Wall
This year I have environmental print on the wall, and
will add names of students and school activities. See the beginnings below.




Here is a link for environmental print cards:


Math Board
Tooth Tally Chart, Place Value Chart, Calendar
Supply Bins -
purple - crayons, lost and found, kleenex
green - dry erase boards, dry erase board erasers, dry erase markers
pink - regular markers, scrap paper, erasers
yellow - scissors, glue sticks, glue

To the right of the calendar are the Pledge of Allegiance
and our Mills Pledge. We say these each morning. The
Teacher Assistant gets to hold the flag for us.

Large white basket on floor:
Our monthly themed books go in here.
(There is a business card labeled for each month that
goes into a plastic name badge holder attached to the
basket by a binder ring.)

To the right - another shelf for Classroom Library
This one contains class made books, easy readers, I Spy books,
ABC/Numbers, Colors/Shapes, reading glasses and pointers,
reading rings, and the Big Books rack.


Our Back to School bulletin board (out in the hall diagonally across from our room)
I am going to have a sign above that says "Smiling Our Way Into First Grade"
and then on the first day take each student's picture to add to the board.
I found the cute smiley face border at Dollar Tree!


All finished! Just need to take photos and add names!
(The smileys are just die-cut circles with Sharpie marker faces.)

Check these out! My terrific Mom-in-law made these chair covers for me:


2010-Terrific-Kid-chair-cover.JPG  2010-Birthday-Student-chair-cover.JPG
Our student of the week is called the "Terrific Kid" at my school.
The other chair cover will be for birthday kids. I am going to
use puffy paints to make a cute sign for it!


plastic-bins.JPG  close-up-front-view-of-plastic-bin.JPG  close-up-side-view-of-plastic-bin.JPG
I found these pretty plastic bins at Dollar General for $2 each.
These would be great for student book bins or for a classroom library.
I think I am going to FINALLY organize the bookshelf behind my desk!


I found these cute handled baskets at Dollar General too.
They were only $1.50. They will be used to hand out math manipulatives.


I found these cute flyswatters at Dollar General @ 3/$1.
We will use these for pointers and reading the room.

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