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Bucket Fillers

Bucket fillers is a character education program designed to foster positive feelings and actions. The premise is that everyone has an invisible bucket inside them and it can either be filled with good things or emptied because of bad things. A bucket filler is a person who does kind/helpful/thoughtful things and thus "fills" a person's inner bucket. A bucket dipper is a person who is negative and causes the positive things to be "dipped" out of the bucket.

Beth Newingham has a wonderful page showing how she and her co-teacher use this program in their classroom.

I have reserved a place in my classroom for a 24-pocket hanging shoe organizer. Each child will have a bucket in one of the pockets which will be labeled with their name. I found sets of small plastic flower pots in the Target Dollar Spot in blue, green, orange, and pink to use for the buckets. I will be using pompoms for the "fillers" like Mrs. Newingham does. Some teachers have their kids write little notes to place in the other students' buckets, but I would like students to be rewarded by showing kindness through their actions as well so we will do both! Each afternoon during our Daily Wrap-Up/PM Meeting students will have the opportunity to share how they filled another's bucket, or how their bucket was filled by someone else and place pom poms into buckets. Also, during Daily 5, students will be encouraged to write a Bucket Fillers note to someone and to place it into that person's bucket. These notes can be shared during our PM Meeting. This will be a great classroom community builder.





2010-Buckets-for-stickers.doc  - incentive charts


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