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"Searching the World Over for Good Character"

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Sharing Poems

This page will allow teachers and students to share poems you have written 
dealing with character education.  This would be a good place to share how 
you are building character coping with the September 11 tragedy.  You may 
submit, text, photos, work samples, etc. 

(Teachers: make sure you have permission to publish student photos and work before submitting. We will never use individual names and photos together.)

Click on the eMail link above. Send us your activity and the character trait it represents. Add your first name only or teacher's name, your school name, state and country. We will post your poem here.

Poems written by Miss Whittle's Third Grade Class McSweeny Elementary Hemet, California Courage Respect My dad has courage. Respect is kindness. I have courage to be brave. Respect is being thankful. My mom has courage. Respect is fairness. By Jaymark By Isaiah Courage Respect I have some courage. I am respectful. Telling the truth is scary. I respect my family. Have courage at night. I respect myself. By Salvador By Danielle Courage Respect I care for people. You can have respect. I will always love people. Respect can be very nice. I want to help kids. Respect is given. By Shaliena By Elizabeth
Peace Is...... Poems written by Mrs. Mary Looney's 4th Grade Central School District Park Hills, Missouri Peace Is.....
September 11th A poem written by: Taryn Mrs. Sumner's Fourth Grade Missouri USA Character Trait: Caring September 11th a tragical day, Horrible, horrible, horrible we say, All that they left was pieces of building and dirt, All that they left was people seriously hurt, Then he left to his country to hide, But he can't hide from us and our side, U.S. is the best the best there can be, The best of the best from country to country.
One of Mrs. Keith's Class Character Education topics was "Learning from Mistakes". Her class is writing poems and using Indian names as their pen names. Making mistakes is okay. It is not that you won't, you will Sometimes I make misktkes Take time to learn Always is okay Kind people will help you Every mistake will break Running Poohboe Learning from mistakes helps all people see what they can learn. All inventions start like that, and with mistakes we have a fine nation. I see all places and people plus things need to make mistakes so the world will never be perfect and I say "fine" We the people can and will make mistakes. Soaring Spirit I learn from mistakes a lot. Sometimes I never try it again. One time I put my poptart in the microwave and blew it up. My mom got mad. I had to clean it up. I hope I don't make that mistake again. Running Wolf Courage topics: Courage, Courage helps me to help people, believe what I believe, conquer my fears. Flying Eagle Courage is about feeling brave. Courage is a feeling that a lion has. It is about standing up and taking care of yourself. If you have courage, you can do anything you want to. (except say bad words) Golden Monkey I have courage in baseball. Courage is an important thing. you have to have courage in life. I have courage all the time. An example is I had courage in my baseball game is to hit the ball. Chief Tomochichi C ourage feels great. o thers may not. u se it wisely. r ight time is nice. a lways use it . g ood days are happy e verybody has courage. Bright Stars C an be needed all the time O ut of our hearts. U niverse can change it. R eally can help you. A lways you have it. G ot it from experiences and E verybody needs it. Kira Grace Submitted by: Mrs. Keith's Fourth Grade Class Black's Mill Elementary Dawsonville, Georgia
Ms. Mingo's Third Grade Computer class wrote citizenship poems. They typed their poems and illustrated them in KidPix. Please click on the following link to view the poems: Character Poems Submitted by: Suzanne Mingo Computer Teacher Black's Mill Elementary School Dawsonville, Georgia (Dawson County)

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