Educational Support Program

At Visitation Academy we are committed to the educational success of each student within the context of a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum.  Students can expect to receive appropriate adjustments within the parameters of the school's financial and human resources.  In order to receive adjustments, the following criteria must be included in the student's diagnostic evaluation:
         *The examiner's credentials are clearly stated and appropriate for the learning difference that is
            being diagnosed.  A release of information must be signed for Visitation Academy to       
            communicate with the agency that has completed the evaluation.
         *The evaluations should be no more than three years old for students in grades nine through
            twelve and no more than five years old for students in grades kindergarten through eight.  A
            current ISP(Service Plan) will serve as documentation if the student is evaluated through the
            public school.
         *The evaluation must include relevant educational, developmental and medical history.
         *The testing should be comprehensive.  It should include measures of cognitive ability, current
            achievement, and information processing and evidence that alternative explanations were ruled
         *There should be a specific diagnosis of a learning difference (i.e. learning disability, ADHD,
            language disorder).
         *When an examiner diagnoses a disability, the functional limitations resulting from the disability
            for this student should be clearly described.  It should also describe specific accommodations.
         *A copy of the evaluation on letterhead from the examiner must be kept on file in the Learning
            Consultant's office.