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Water and the Brain

Why is drinking water important for my child's learning?


Water is important to brain function.  

Dehydration contributes to many physical problems such as fatigue, muscle

aches, and distraction.  Drinking fountains are not enough for providing a

learner's needs.  Children cannot completely self-hydrate
while at school, and we need your help to change that!

The MINIMUM amount of water needed by a child is a pint

every three hours.  For children twelve years and older, a quart in the

same time frame is necessary. 


Since research shows that hydration is good for teaching and learning,

please help us by sending water with your child everyday! Remember, water, not sodas. 
Sodas often have a high sodium content which can deplete us of nutrients.
Please write your
child's name on the water bottle with a permanent marker. 

Thank you for support and cooperation!  BFF.JPG


(Source: Dr. Fritz Mengert, NeuroEpistemologist)

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