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Another great year at Batesville Elementary School!

Browse the links listed to the left on this page.  You may find the 
"Interesting Websites" link helpful.

You can contact me by using the email link on the top right of these pages 
or at 662-563-6069 or 4596.  The South Panola School District Director of 
Special Education is located at the Child Development Center and can be 
reached at 662-563-9361 if you have any questions about a child and 
developmental issues. 
SPSD works with children having special needs from age 3-21.  Any questions 
you have about a child younger than 2 1/2, please, contact Amy Franklin with 
The Panola County Health Dept at 662-563-4616 or 6265.  

Thanks for dropping by our BES website!  And thanks for being a part of our 
BES family.  Be a light giving light to others!

In God we trust

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