Welcome to kindergarten!!!

My name is Mrs. Renee Manning and I will be your teacher this year! My teaching
assistant is Mrs. Bedeliah Sanford. I prefer to be called Mrs. Renee and she
prefers Mrs. Sanford.

We are so excited to have your child in our room this year. We will learn so
many new and exciting things together! We will learn about letters, sounds, and
words. We will learn how to write and to read! We will learn many things about
numbers, too.

Parents please be sure to send all forms back as soon as possible. It is
extremely important that you check and initial your child's folder every day.
All information will come home in the folders. Folders must be sent back to
school every day.

My contact information...

Batesville Elementary office number 563-4596

I look forward to meeting you all!!
Mrs. Renee