Back To School Note

  Dear Parents:
Welcome to kindergarten at Batesville Elementary and welcome to our classroom 
family.  My name is Vicki Wolfe.  The kids call me “Ms. Vicki”.  I am very 
excited to be your child’s teacher!  Get ready for a great year that will end 
with your child reading and writing, adding and subtracting, and so much 
more!  But most of all, my goal is for your child to gain an excitement about 
school and learning.  I want him/her to LOVE to read.  I want him/her to be 
able to make up and solve story problems, and to develop critical thinking 
skills to apply to decisions he/she will make now and in the future.  I want 
him/her to treat others with love and respect that we all desire and deserve.
About me:  I truly LOVE teaching kindergarten.  I have been teaching 
kindergarten here at Batesville Elementary School for 20 years—but, please 
don’t worry about me being “burned-out”.   I still have that excitement and 
passion for teaching children, and most importantly, the energy to get it 
done.  Your child will always be treated the way I want and expect others to 
treat my own children.  I am married to Chris Wolfe and we have two 
children.  Austin is a sophomore at Northwest College.  Tori Beth is a 9th 
grader at South Panola High School.  My teaching partner is Ms. Pam Hudson.  
We have worked together for 12 years.  She is wonderful.  Ms. Pam and I make 
a great team.  You can reach me at home at 563-1649, or at school at 563-
4596.  My home/cell phone is 563-1649.   My email is  
My planning time is 9:20 – 9:55 each day.
I believe school-home communication is the key to a positive experience.  
Each day we will send home a folder with a behavior calendar.  You will be 
able to see each day how your child’s day went.  You will need to sign the 
behavior sheet in this folder daily.  (Attached you will find a note about 
our school-wide discipline policy.)  On Mondays I will send home a weekly 
newsletter detailing the coming week’s activities, any homework your child 
needs to complete, words to read, skills to practice, etc.  This folder is 
where we will look for any notes from home/lunch money/completed homework.  
Homework is meant to help you practice with your child what we are doing each 
day in class.  It is very important that you encourage your child to do 
his/her best and complete/return the homework on time.   If at any time you 
have concerns about the homework, please feel free to give me a call.  
SNACKS & WATER:  Each day we will have snack time.  Last year many parents 
sent packaged snacks for the whole class.  This worked out great, because 
some children didn’t bring snack. Examples of good snacks would be graham 
crackers, cereal, grapes, apples, or any type of fruit.  Please refrain from 
high sugar snacks such as cakes and cookies.  We will be drinking lots of 
water.  Last year parents took turns sending cases of water.  I may ask that 
you do that again this year.  I have a good-sized refrigerator to keep the 
drinks cool.
Thank you for the precious gift of your child you are entrusting me with this 
year.  I promise to love and care for our new classroom family with all my 
heart and to teach them to the very best of my 
abilibty                                          Ms. Vicki