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Imagine that you are a member of one of the most advanced Native American 
tribes in the U.S.:The Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee have traded and lived 
peacefully with the European settlers for many years, and under their 
influence the tribe advanced and developed a "civilized" system of 

When gold was discovered on Cherokee lands, the peaceful relationship that 
once was shared with the Whites was now challenged. The Indian Removal Act 
was passed and despite oppostitions ultimately the Cherokee were forced to 
leave their lands.

In the grueling summer of 1838, your people are gathered and some are taken 
by boat to Indian Territory, while others are forced to march 1,200 miles. 
All around you Cherokee are dying of diseases and exposure as you travel 
across Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas into rugged 
Indian Territory. When looking back upon the trail it would be 
called, “Nunna-dal-un-tsun-yi”, meaning the place where they cried.

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