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I.  Research
    A. Review websites provided under LINKS.
    B. Conduct independent research from the following sources:
       1. books
       2. magazine articles
       3. movies and/or documentaries

WARNING: Students are to only view sites that are provided by the instructor 
under LINKS.

II. Journal and Scrapbook
    A. Journal Entries (at least 1 page in length double spaced)
       1. "Introduction" (1st entry)
          a. What Cherokee name have you chosen from your research?
          b. What is your family like?
          c. Where do you live and what are some of your customs?
       2. "On the Trail" (2nd entry)
          a. What is life like on the Trail?
          b. What are your feelings about what is going on?
          c. What has happened to you, your family,your people,etc.?
       3. "The end of the Road" (3rd entry)
          a. What is the new land like?
          b. What are your feelings about this new land?
          c. What more would you like to share?
    B. Scrapbook (must contain the following)
       1. Map of the Trail of Tears’ route (1)
       2. Pictures of artifacts and important people with captions explaining
          their roles and/or significance (5)
       3. Recipes (1)
       4. Example of clothing style (1)
       5. Song (1)
       6. Poem (1)
       7. Anything else you find significant from your research to include.

The numbers in parenthesis are the amounts of each item to include in your 

You will be graded based on content and design (see EVALUATION section), so 
be creative!

Enjoy your journey on the Trail of Tears

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