Support Apex High School While Shopping

Many companies are offering to help our school earn funds when parents make everyday purchases at their businesses. Please check the list below for ways you can help Apex High School while shopping. NOTE: The Apex High School PTSA does not endorse any organization.

Custom Construction
Custom Construction will contribute 10% (up to $200 per project) back to the PTSA. Visit

When you shop at Kroger, proceeds go to the school's general fund. Apex High School is participating in the Kroger Plus Card for Education program.This program provides much needed educational equipment for our school. Please print and take the Kroger bar code to a local Kroger store. Have the cashier scan the bar code along with your Kroger Plus Card. This will register your card for our school.You only have to scan this bar code one time and from late September to April, every time you shop at Kroger and use your Kroger Plus Card, our school will electronically earn credit toward free educational equipment. There is no cost to participate and this will not interfere with credits you are earning for any other shopping promotions at Kroger.

Harris Teeter
When you shop at Harris Teeter, proceeds go to the school's general fund. Go to and link your 11-digit "VIC" card to their "Together In Education" program. The 4 digit code for Apex High School is 2418.You may also simply ask the cashier at Harris Teeter to link your card to Apex High School’s ID # 2418. You only need to tell the cashier the first time for your card to be linked for the entire school year.

When you shop at Target, proceeds go to the school's general fund. Target's "Take Charge of Education" program allows you to link the Target credit card to a school. You can apply for a card either online or at the store. Apex High School's ID is 81044. Go to and search on "Take Charge of Education" for more information.

Many thanks to PDQ in Cary for supporting our academic emphasis program by donating meal coupons. Visit