Schedule Changes

The development of a school master schedule requires much planning ans careful course considerations. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the number and reasons for schedule changes in order not to damage the integrity of the planning process. Every attempt will be made to schedule students in the courses they need prior to the opening of the school. Instructional time should not be used to change schedules.

Students will be given an opportunity to change their schedules both first and second semester.

Requests for a schedule change will be considered:
(a) When a student needs to balance his/her academic load. (Only on a "space available" basis)
(b) When a student needs to sequence courses. (This will be done only on a "space available" basis)
(c) When a student receives a course for which he/she did not register. (When a student registers for an alternate course, the student
has registered for the course)
(d) When a student passes a course that he/she assumed he/she would fail.
(e) When a student fails a course required for graduation. (Only on a "space available" basis, unless the student is a senior)

Only under extreme circumstance will schedule changes be allowed during the first five days of school. No schedule changes will be made after the fifth day of school.