Freshman Information

9th Grade - Freshman Year

Welcome to high school! This year your grades count toward your GPA, so it's important to apply yourself to doing your best. Now is the time to explore career interests and plan with your family to meet college expenses. It's also time to plan your course work to prepare to meet college entrance requirements.

Things to Do in 9th Grade:
  • Attend an orientation session at your new school.
  • Meet with your high school counselor.
  • Create your free My CFNC Account at, if you haven't already. Develop a CFNC High School Planner and enter grades, awards, honors, etc.
  • "Invite" your counselor to your online High School Planner.
  • Make sure you are on schedule to meet college entrance requirements.
  • Challenge yourself academically. Slightly lower grades in challenging courses are better than higher grades in easy courses.
  • Choose electives carefully, ensuring that they don't replace the college-preparatory courses you need.
  • Explore career possibilities in the Career Center.
  • Start thinking about which colleges suit your career interests.
  • Use the CFNC website to "tour" lots of college campuses.
  • Talk with your family about a college savings plan and explore savings options at CFNC.
  • Create a file to keep:
    • copies of report cards,
    • a record of honors and awards, and
    • a list of extracurricular activities, clubs or sports involvement at school, volunteer work, community service, and paid employment.
  • Explore the College Test Prep section at