Applying to College

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 College and University Information and Admissions Deadlines At-a-Glance

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Early Decision vs. Regular Admissions

· Regular Admissions:  You apply by the College/Universities regular midwinter deadline. You usually hear back from them by April and you make your decision and notify the colleges by May 1st.

· Rolling admissions:  You apply and usually receive admissions within 2-6 wks. Most public universities and many private colleges use this time line.

· Early Application:  There are 2 types of early plans– one that is binding and the other is nonbinding. The college also uses regular admissions as well. The differences are as follows

· Early Action (EA):  This is NONBINDING that requires you to submit your application in early fall most likely by November 1 or 15.  The college lets you know if you have been accepted by early January, but  you have the right to wait to respond back to them by May 1.  This give  you time to compare colleges before making a decision as an EA application doesn’t commit you to enrolling if accepted.

· Early Decision (ED):  This is considered BINDING, so it’s essential that you be certain about wanting to enroll at that college.  As with early action, you submit an application in early fall.  By mid-December and January you are notified that you have been accepted or not.  By applying under the ED plan, you make a commitment to attend accepted and surrender the right to wait until May to make a decision.  Reneging on your agreement after being offered ED admission could result in other colleges refusing to admit you!!!

Why Community College?

Do you want small class sizes and where the professor knows your name? Community Colleges have rigorous courses just like the four year universities at half the cost.  Community Colleges are becoming the destination for strong students who with good grades who want to save money their first two years of college. 

Students who are undecided about their future and are uncertain what they want to major in do well at the community colleges. Community colleges have open admissions. Students can apply to the college by filling out the online applications or visiting the college and doing it there in person.  Once accepted, they are either required to take a placement test or are waived from the placement test if they score at least a 500 or better on all sections of the SAT.  What makes a Community College special?  It’s a place of help and hope for everybody because whatever situation you are in, it’s an affordable option for everybody to find their way.