Heritage Elementary Physical Education 

This website is designed for parents, teachers, and students to remain informed about important aspects of physical education. Please use the links on the left side of the page to find important information. 

Students will need to wear appropriate attire to physical education class.  Appropriate athletic shoes that fasten to provide support and stability to the ankle join are needed to insure safety and maximum physical performance. Students that wear dresses or skirts should wear shorts under them due to activities like scooter boards and abdominal/core strengthening  exercises that would expose undergarments. Students are held accountable for their attire under Essential Standard 4: Personal and Social Responsibility.  SEE PE CALENDAR FOR YOUR CHILD'S PE TIME. 

Helpful Tip: Always wear sneakers on a Monday, when a new set of students track in or out, or after a missed school day. This will allow the student to always be prepared just in case they have PE.

How childhood obesity effects the body: