August 25, 2014

Welcome to fifth grade.  This is a year of growth in academic skills and 
personal responsibility in preparation for middle school.  Continue to 
support your student, but allow them the independence to make some mistakes 
and learn from them as well.  Together, we will work to help your child 
attain the skills necessary to move on to the next step in their lives.  It 
is a long process and luckily we have quite a few months to accomplish it 

Language Arts: We will be focusing on the difference between overview reading 
and reading with a specific purpose such as plot, theme, author's purpose or 
figurative language.

Math: We will take a non-graded test to look at mastery of fourth grade 
skills as we move into place value with and without decimals.  In addition, 
we will take a multiplication test to determine who needs to continue to work 
to anchor these facts.  

Science: Our year will start with cell structure and the differences between 
plant and animal cells.

Social Studies: Mrs. Rhodes will begin the year with an exploration of 

Global - We will begin our global studies with a focus on India.  Our first 
read aloud, "Boys without Names," is an award winning novel that focuses on 
the very different cultures and economic situations which are prevalent 
throughout the country.