May 27, 2104

Language Arts: Thank you for making Young Author's Day such a wonderful 
experience.  The students had a great time.  A special shout out to Mrs. 
Franks and Jennings for arranging everything and Mrs. Rossano who filled in 
for any missing parent on "Are you smarter than your fifth grader."

Math: Our review continues...The kids have worked hard to review fractions, 
and we are moving along to decimals.  

Science: We are reviewing in class this week and then we will begin a 
rotating schedule of reviews next week in preparation for the science EOG.  
Students have been working on Classscapes to make sure they are comfortable 
with all elements of the testing procedure.

Social Studies: We continue our discovery of the Revolutionary War. 

Global - We are no longer allowed to show CNN student news in our classroom.  
The district is working on recommending a replacement.  We have been watching 
an elementary geared Australian news program.  It is interesting to see the 
similar news concerns and the differences.  The students were blown away by 
the Rugby coverage after seeing so much concern in this country about 

May 29/30 End of Grade tests
June 5 - Science EOG
June 9 Sky High
June 10 - Graduation
June 11 - Last Day of School